#1April 7th, 2007 · 11:19 PM
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Classifieds (Collab requests)
Ok, I'd like to start a thread where people are specifically searching for someone to collab with.
I posted this concept in the ideas forum, but I don't know how many people would make use of a thread such as this.

So, I'll start with an example-
I'm currently working on 14 songs, written mainly for piano on Fruity Loops. Lyrics are posted, songs will be posted up soon. Vocals are wanted, male or female, reasonably tuned   
If you want to sing on all tracks, that would be greatly appreciated, but I will also greatly appreciate individual songs/recordings.
Links to the lyrics are here:
Brainchild- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/48677.html
Crop Circles- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/47101.html
A Minor Euphoria- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/47099.html
Processional- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/45276.html
Lonely Road-  http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/45037.html
Spoons- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/45036.html
Summer Sunrise- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/44769.html
The Cold Storm- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/44126.html
White Walls- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/43870.html
Grey Matter- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/43378.html
The Meaning Of Life- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/42685.html
Sweet Libertine- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/42542.html
The Precipice- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/42173.html
Big City- http://forum.bandamp.com/Lyrics_Review/40175.html

Links to audio: Updating as I complete more.
Brainchild- http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4674.html
Crop Circles- http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4677.html
A Minor Euphoria- http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4683.html
Processional- http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4688.html


#2April 8th, 2007 · 11:05 AM
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great Idea..
Unfortunately, we don't have sticky thread options.... I do like the idea though, hopefully more will come of this..

#3April 8th, 2007 · 06:43 PM
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I started working on "Smoke" Today...
Trying to get the timing down
with the vox
Its coming along
Ill get back to you

#4April 10th, 2007 · 12:28 AM
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Flyer has posted Smoke with the lyrics.
It is here: http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4684.html
And Danzidell might look at doing Processional.

Cheers guys.

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