#1January 30th, 2011 · 10:09 AM
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The AMP Vol II - Update - 30th Jan 2011
Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on working on the album. I've been very busy at home re-decorating the house, plus my health is below par, must old age lol.

I've prepared a  simple draft agreement which I've sent to kings, he is probably the best to check over grammar ETC
I'll post a draft here on the forums once the moderators are happy with it. It's important that everyone agrees with it before we all sign it, as is we have some sort of agreement, to protect all of us.

Here is a reminder of the songs to be included:

MountStRobbie        New MSR                 http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/3938.html
PuppetXeno        Wallcrack                 http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/8167.html
Kings                    Folk-Freely                 http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/4943.html
Marino            Siluetas             http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/8182.html
Chill              She Will Never Get Away   http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/8192.html
Thebigguyconner          The Man (Final)               http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/6971.html
Denis            Conquest                 http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/5700.html
AustinChicken        More Fresh Coffee     http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/6151.html
BasketCase        OldMan(ftPuppetXeno)        http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/3150.html
Blakhatz        We're not Alone                   http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/6427.html
Theotherguy89    Future In Robots             http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/6621.html
Takaminerbb13        Burn                     http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/3291.html
SkunkApe             Home Again                    http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/8210.html
ULI                  Power of mentality               http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/8196.html
baverbach          Bayou Ladies                      http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/7891.html
FreakCrazy        I Wanna Funk You              http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/7916.html
TritonKeyboarder    Stump It                        http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/903.html
FLYER7747  My Last Night At McMahon's_V2 http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/6836.html

#2January 30th, 2011 · 10:39 AM
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Great denis !
Appriciate your effort & dilligence  for all the projects you´re working on very much .
Hope you can move from your tent in the garden back into ya house (shiver)  
And that ya health will ´raise`up from ground. Take care with yaself .  Haha : when we both are writing here simultaniously , 105 yrs sitting in front of our monitors    Hahaha     
Oh tnx , nurse for my hormon pills . Must take my catnap , now
In respect.....
#3January 31st, 2011 · 12:27 PM
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Sounds good!
#4February 1st, 2011 · 06:52 AM
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will patiently await the contract.

cheers for a good job!
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