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Fruity Loops / FL Links
I'm collecting Links, getting them on one page so they can be easily found and linked too.
I've started with the FL related threads on bandAmp, I'd like to extend the list to torrents, vstplugins, Cubase and any other that fits the bill ! 
Got any to add? Go ahead.....because of the 'edit post' function, you can add to your one post instead of making new posts each time. It makes easier reading and keeps it 'to the point' !

I've left the addresses to external links visible.

WillyDKs Fruity Loops Tutorials :
FL Studio Tutorial 1: The Basics
FL Studio Tutorial 2: Patterns...
FL Studio Tutorial 3: Mixer & FX

WillyDKs  Fruity Loops Special Tutorials :
FL Studio Special Tutorial 1: Using audio clips - PART 1

Kelpies Cool Tutorals :
Fruity Loops Tutorial IV: Routing Mixer Tracks and Using the Vocoder Plugin

An FL Tutorial Blog :
Computermusics Tutorial Download page :

FL visual basic tutorials :
Go CJ! Go CJ!.....

Fruity Vocoder explained :

Free VST Plugins :
'Classic Series' Free vst Plugins :

Some Questions Already Asked :
using Fruity Loop
using Fruity Loop II
Fruity Loops PLUGINS DONT WORK plsssssh help me :(
Mixer suggestions on FL Studio
FL Studio 6 Microphone HELP!!!
Making FL studio output seem less synthetic.
VST question!
How do I amplify without clipping?
Im a noob

And a thread to post ALL your FL questions :
Learning FL Studio

If you know of any threads on bandAmp I missed please tell me or just post them.
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Nice one, Kings!
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hahaha, i like how "Im a noob" is a quesiton.
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