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#46January 2nd, 2010 · 04:26 PM
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I dont know what you guys are talking about in regards to that Ultravoz replied to NO SONGS and did no other forum posts because he did....

On my song Better Than Green Pt 1 he did: http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/7628_page2.html#id24659
Ultravoz wrote…
Track lacks volume.
Care nothing about kool aid either red nor green but seems catchy anyways.
Slide to loud.
Drums always play the same fill.
Vox out of tune on occasion

Bring the volume up and cut the Eq with a low pass filter that should get some hiss out.Use the shelve type skip the notch !There some free ones in KVR they run in most DAW's.

Not sure what the crap is that guy talking about sounding knocking on heavens whatever,there's only 7 natural notes and 5 accidentals so its inevitable to come across similar chord changes.Listen to Guantamera and la Bamba  there the same progression yet different songs,In my opinion that guys view was rather ignorant.

Good song needs work.
Concept album?
So whats the concept?Juices?

If you click his name and go through his forum posts hes posted quite a bit...not just in this one thread
#47March 4th, 2010 · 11:57 AM
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This thread is sad to read. Shame on everyone involved. 
I agree with Fantasy though!
#48March 4th, 2010 · 10:35 PM
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wow. look what I missed.. glad I did not get involved.

   Back to OP.. I tried to review some lyrics ,, I'm just not very good at it.. I am not a great poet,writer,lyricist. I can come up with some lyrics but they are pretty simple and without real depth..

   I am not exactly sure what a lyricist is looking for in a review.  Maybe we should have a post on things to look for and what lyricist and music writers .. want and need in a review to help them improve their ideas .. to progress onwards with their talent.
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