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This song is not in a battle

This idea just kind of took me a few days ago.  The guitar is a little messy... I'm still not very practiced at playing it all the way through.  In fact, I would forget how to play parts in between practicing to tighten up others.  I'm amazing, okay?  Why don't you believe me?  This version has a couple of too-loud notes, and a quirky flat in the bridge.  As soon as I posted this, I fell out of love with them and I regret them.

I mentioned in my last post that I've tried to apply feedback over the last few years, and I think that's making a difference earlier on in my process.  Denis has usually urged me to find some kind of percussion, for example.  With Stellar, I knew my bottom end was pretty much unmitigated chaos, so I tried to be more mindful of that specifically this time, right from the outset.

As before, this song follow a fictitious character in a story I'm writing, this one being someone that is on something of a pilgrimage hike thing with her companions, something that lasts months because of how far apart little agrarian towns are.  Vast terrain, be it plains or mountains, stands between the travelers and more developed civilization, but for now, there is one small settlement ahead, a rare sight between these big stretches of pure nature.

These mountains are thick
Piqued and valiant also,
I can look out around,
a thousand miles of beautiful hassle

Wind strikes ours backs
Can you see our small town,
Hey, I wonder what they'll think
of five travelers out here

A deep breath of life hurries on around
Nobody knows me,
I can attenuate slowly
We can camp here for the night
I'm getting tired again
Maybe moonlight is energy
Look at us,
not much,
but I believe
A deep breath of life
I can properly imagine,
Nobody knows me
I should appreciate shortly

Long grass bows up here,
just the same as way down there
We are part of one place,
a million ways of waking senselessness

That healthy glow
Even sunlight falls straight through
It's like I could slip through the wall
and like a ghost or ghoul,
invisible, I watch the world turn

Starlight and effigy

Destination awaits,
sought oft, gleaming and bold so
We should send out a resounding a call,
bring them out of their castle

Wind strikes ours backs
Can you see our small town,
Hey, I wonder what we can do with the power of reason


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