#1May 6th, 2013 · 12:02 PM
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a cover section and a rehearsal section?
maybe instead of the battle section?
#2May 6th, 2013 · 02:44 PM
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United Kingdom
We actually have a cover section, you can find it on the home page - If you go onto your own home page>music there is a drop down for Covers 
#3May 7th, 2013 · 06:04 PM
77 threads / 59 songs
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coool never noticed before
#4August 3rd, 2013 · 11:46 PM
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United States of America
A feature on some of the prolific writers here. Say 1 a month.  Feature on their writing process, recording process, etc....... info on how they get  from just an idea to the finished product.  Plus any other tips, that might be pertinant to other song writers.
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