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Home Studios
Love to see some pics of where everybody does their magic...
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Hi, Bill ! Click on a member´s profile / pic > album you´re interrested in and - perhaps - you can see a member´s gear. Some digging work  
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Cricky I've got quite a bit, there's a pic of a couple of guitars in my album, found on my home page.

Let me see this is what I have:

EKO Ranger VI 6 string acoustic
Godman Cutaway Acoustic (Made for an Ebay music shop)
Godman 12 string Acoustic
Fender USA Strat (1978) - Had her for about 30 years, bargain only paid £220.00)
Rally Arch Top Jazz guitar (new make made in the same factory as Gibson Epiphone - She's a beaut)
Les Paul copy
Ibinaz Musician Bass (early 80s) - Straight through neck, unbelievable sustain, nice tone too)
Soprano Sax (cheap China job, but now have a Otto link mouthpiece, makes a lot of difference))
Flute (Student type)
Left handed Violin (Recently purchased ordered for China, hand made, it's beautiful)
Berhinger UMX610 midi controller
Various percussion
An old HH 212 Combo AMP (not gigged now for over 7 years)

Yamaha Aw16G workstation (record all my audio with this together with the preamp below)
Art Gold Valve Pre-AMP (superb value for money - A must have)
AKG 1000s Condenser (can work with a 9v Battery)
Shure SM 57 dynamic mic (good all rounder)
Samson VR88 Ribbon mic (it's phantom powered, gives you a vintage sound, great for violin)
Line 6 Guitar pod (superb)
Line 6 Bass pod (superb)


Cubase 5 ( not used it yet, hence recently bought a midi keyboard)
Fruity Loops 9
Adobe Audition 3 (great for mastering)
EzDrummer - (got all the kits - I love it)
Addictive Drums ( not recorded with this yet)

Most of this is under my bed, Acoustic & Violin stays out, the rest is in a built in wardrobe, so my studio is a small double bedroom - I need a studio room badly...lol

Well my excuse is I'm nearly 51 yrs, I love it so why not build up and learn new instruments - YEAH I'm CRAZY 
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Pics: (taken with an iPhone, sorry for the blurriness)

Gear-list (mostly up-to-date):

Acoustic Guitar: Martin DCME cutaway mahogany dreadnought
Electric Guitar: Music Man John Petrucci 6-string
Bass Guitar: Music Man Stingray
Amplifier: Diezel Herbert 180 watt
Drums: Roland TD-12 V-Drums

Misc Equipment
Vocal Booth: Whisper Room 4x6 standard model
Vocal Microphone: Shure KSM32 single diaphragm condenser
Other Microphones: Shure SM58, Audix OM 5
Soundcard: RME Fireface 400
Speaker Simulator: Palmer PGA 04 speaker simulator and load box
Tuner: Korg DTR-1000 rackmount tuner
Power Conditioner: Monster PRO 2500 rackmount
Monitors: KRK V8 Series 2
Headphones: KRK KNS 8400

DAW: Cubase 5
Misc: Fab Filter total bundle
Synthesizer: Session Strings
Drums: Steven Slate Drums
Synthesizer: Native Instruments PRO-53
Synthesizer: Steinberg HalionOne, (Fab Filter synths)
Other Effects: Effectrix
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Martin D28
Silvercreek (nice cheap acoustic)
Telecaster I built
USA custom shop Tele with G&B benders
Strat I built
Epiphone Les Paul
Vantage bass guitar
Casio WK1500 (keys)
Line 6 Midi keyboard controller

old Soundcraft english made 24channel (love the preamps)
Allen and  Heath 16 channel
Midas MR18 (digital mixer w nice preamps)

1 Focusrite channel strip

Series 500:
2 Avedis MA5 preamps
2 Pete's Place BAC500 compressors

Motu HD 192 converters

U47 FET clone mic
Elam 251 clone mic
8 Shure SM57s
1 Shure 52

JBL and Genelec monitors
DT770 headphones
AT headphones
Fender twin amps
Hughes and Kettner amps
Radial DIs

Pro Tools 12
Digital Performer 9
Audio Desk (free from motu)
Reaper ( I use it in my laptops for mobile recording, then rewire with PT and DP).
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