#1August 18th, 2007 · 01:15 AM
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Here with you

This song is not in a battle

I'm with you tonight
Here I can hold you tight
First tree to drop a leaf
Well I know I can hold this greif inside

Truth doesn't just go away
It stays here with you and me

No one is saying it
'Cause we are all faking it inside

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#2August 18th, 2007 · 09:22 AM
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cool song
Your getting a very  good guitar  sound.  It's sounds as good as pro recording stuff very blended and smooth.
 I like your voice in this too.. just kinda easin  on in there .    imho I think this works well just like it is.  not much to add to it  or criticize  ...cause I liked it a lot.
#3August 18th, 2007 · 12:36 PM
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The recording quality is much better than the other songs you have just uploaded, You're playing guitar much softer in this song, much better sound!!

Will rate.

#4August 18th, 2007 · 12:39 PM
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Love the tone of the guitar.  You need a pop filter.  They cost too much, so stretch pantyhose over a wire hanger.  It works perfectly.

You still don't sing confidently.  Try to put more into your voice.
#5August 18th, 2007 · 06:22 PM
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Record the guitar and then listen to it over and over talking , feeling , singing as you walk like an inspired mad man in circles around the sound filled room!
I mean get to know the song , what it says and where.
I don't think you need so much 'confidence', that you have, you've sung a damned good song, I think you need to separate the words from the music, once their right bring them back together again.
I think your guitar playing is lovely and has come out very crisp, as is the vocal.
Yes a pop filter.
#6August 20th, 2007 · 09:28 PM
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keep it up man
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