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#1November 15th, 2007 · 11:31 PM
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The Ideas Thread
Alright peeps!
I need help from all the Ampers out there.We've all shared our ideas from what needs,could,has,to happen in different threads.Some things we have spoken about are adding tabs,working on the chat,battles,cleaning house,etc,etc,etc.We need to consolidated into one thread all the ideas we have in order to address and/or vote for the ideas that need to be implemented.

I'm asking you guys to please please bullet point or be very specific to what your idea/ideas are.Also we don't all agree with all the ideas and thats OK this is not a thread to start a debate is only so we can organize what we think needs to happen.

I'm Asking Puppet Xeno and Jim to monitor the debate issue.Post your idea or ideas and leave it at that,don't attach any other Ampers idea even if it kills you( We need to move on).We will get to the voting and debate system once the ideas have been gathered.

This is were we all do our share guys please lets get started with this as soon as possible!!

My share although not my Ideas

1-Fix ratting system(Plays and downloads)
2-Clean house.(accounts with 2 years of inactive)
3-Make battle and Important feature of our site.
4-The 1 song review per download
5-3 song review per upload always even if you delete tracks.Post on own song post don't count,etc etc...

Thats what I have.

Feel welcome to add ideas as you have them.this thread will be deleted
by December 1st 2007 and all the ideas will be then organized and posted in one bullet point thread.Then we will break down the voting process in order to move on to next process.

Thx in advance
#2November 16th, 2007 · 12:37 AM
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Links to helpful sites with loops,advice,pricings,so on and so forth.

and I like the whole idea of a newsletter
#3November 16th, 2007 · 02:10 AM
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1. Lyrics tab 
2. tidy up WillyDK's FL tutorals
#4November 16th, 2007 · 02:17 AM
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Short Term
Fix statistics
Fix counters for songs
Fix/replace Lace
Replace forum text box with something a bit more robust
Add live preview of every post
Song upload progress meter
AJAXify website

Long Term
Abstract audio/lyrics review away from forum
Implement a new rating system, mandatory with review

I'll keep updating this as I get new ideas.
#5November 16th, 2007 · 12:00 PM
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well me and map have talked about being able to upload videos on the amp and mud said Wimpy has a video player option so its a possibility
#6November 16th, 2007 · 01:31 PM
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United Kingdom
- Make the vbCode more versatile.
Functions like Google, Mail to, Size, Colour, Code and Linethrough are simple yet effective tools to making commenting/posting more fun.
BTW I sussed this out : http://forum.bandamp.com/The_Pit/39065_page2.html#id2880
I'm quite chuffed with my self !  
#7November 17th, 2007 · 07:17 AM
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I think this was an idea passed around a while ago that people were keen on: A collab thread. The purpose to show progress of collaborations, get collabs off the ground. The main strong point was that it would take a hefty load off the number of works in progress in the audio review thread. Or maybe it could be a collab/WIP thread... I dunno, that's just one idea that'd be popular with this site.
#8November 19th, 2007 · 05:50 PM
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-sticky-fy new uploaded songs for at least a day or two, so that they catch more attention (as they should)

-add some more robustness to the music/photo uploader, where it tends to upload the whole thing and then pretend it never happened if you have single or double quotes in it (thus, apotrophes are rather out of the question).

(I can expound more on this next one, if wanted...)
-let users set an option on a song on their own "Music" page that will display the title of said song (again, their own song) as a link next to their tile picture on each of their forum posts.  (This would be optional, of course).  I think this will increase each user's chance to have their "best" or "newest" song to be more visible to others.  I honestly find that I've never heard the songs of more than half of the members, because I never think to just listen to their songs (or bother to listen to them all to find the best one(s) )

Avinashv said... "Replace forum text box with something a bit more robust"  please expound?  I'm not sure what he's suggesting, specifically.  What would constitute "more robust"?  Autosaving?  fixing it so that when you add smilies, that they don't appear at the end of the text instead of at the cursor?  just a few thoughts.
#9November 27th, 2007 · 03:48 PM
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i think that we should have a search by name option like if i was looking for Marino or map or someone
#10November 27th, 2007 · 06:14 PM
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I think we should link all acounts to bandamps sister site bandamp.us (wich is not up yet) that way when you log on here you automaticly log on over there and vice versa that way people wont have to keep up with two different log in names and passwords (the smart thing to do would be use the same but you know this mkes it easier!)

also a cool thing to do would be to expand on the blog have a featured blog and stuff as well as a blog tab at the top of the page. this would be easy access and maybe more people would start to use the blog and maybe some people may even figure out the amp has a blog.
#11February 6th, 2008 · 08:00 PM
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I don't know if anyone's heard of last.fm, but putting together something like that would be great.
If songs were tagged by genre and you could select the kind of music you want to hear and get a playlist of songs that fit it. Then have that open in a new window so you can navigate wherever you want and listen to songs you've never heard before in the background.
Also I'd really like to see the search thing working better. I can never find specific songs I'm looking for, I usually have to sift through the whole archive.
Lastly I think a place to post half finished works would be really nice. Say you've got a nice chord progression but want some lyrics, you could post the music and people could listen to what's there to help finish your work. I know we have the lyric posting available, we should have a place to post musical ideas that are unfinished. The song shouldn't appear in the new mp3 list, it should just be stored with other unfinished works. They should also be sorted by genre so you can find the sort of thing you want to find quicker. I think this would really help and encourage collaboration.
#12February 7th, 2008 · 12:47 AM
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Kill free downloads to all but bandamp members and reviewers pleaaassse.Or at least make it an option.
This has been on the table many times b4 so sorry 4 sounding like a cracked record , every other music site provides musicians {owner of the music}control over this .Yeah I know you can grab it anyway but having songs locked on this site for free dwn load to non members sucks.Feels like being bent over a barrel getting the proverbial.
Soundclick for eg ,stream or free lo and hi fi ...or  mp3 down load but wait 4 it ...licencing common or comercial and just plain 75 cent per song downloads on prepaid voucher .Thing is you get to choose.
Sorry but feel very exposed on bandamp after nasty experience last year with doddgy film makers accessing our bandamp playlist downloading away and using . 
#13February 7th, 2008 · 07:42 PM
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I agree with a lot of blakhatz points/

As far as expanding the site, I think that the  homepage is really important.  Its a music site, so why not have songs playing randomly on the homepage from a playlist of all the battle winners, showcasing our best work immediatley to anyone visiting the site. Also, in general making the homepage more active, instead of just the forums.  For example, direct prominent links to the audio review forums, and that kinda stuff. 

#14February 29th, 2008 · 01:03 AM
New here,but old everywhere else.My 2 cents...
I just like to play - 'jam' . I've always thought that collaborating with others and write and put tunes together
would be a no brainer .There are one or two good streaming sites but those owners I believe are bottom liners
and are monetarily motivated. I 'play' guitar / music. Anyway,say you write some lyrics then have them translated to another language,you have a totally new song.There are no shortages of possible lines,just follow any chat and pluck words, lines,ideas from there. The tunes come easily to me cause I can't sing a lick.
Being new to your forum and www is,if nothing else,an excellent way to learn...anything.That said,I only
hope to help,joke for it's humor and at no ones expense , and 'Play'. I will be honest and expect it. Not looking for free nothing (except love,-hetro). If this isn't clear just let me know ,no one needs to trust me and only one will judge me.Simplicity...simply.
#15February 29th, 2008 · 06:36 PM
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very valid points, but who is going to do the fixing, and how do we decide without the arguments.

Visually I like band amp the way it is.  it is very easy to navigate this way.  some things need fixing those have already been stated. 

  I do however agree with blakhatz about the free downloads.. The new band music we have recorded cannot be uploaded here.  It could if we could set up an account, with a free partial clip of the songs (options for those of us that need em). I will continue to upload my own music and and collab stuff, I would love to be able to set up a band account like on Itunes or myspace  where I could sell some of the songs(the site could even generate revenue this way (for programmers, or server cost, or whatever) by getting a %).
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