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Lyrics I've written to Wisdom's music "Teaser"
Wisdom has taken the original music down, but my version of the song can be found at: Teaser - Jim's Version

Walking into this club
I just want to hear the band
I wander over to the bar
And that’s when I saw her standing
I couldn’t help but look at her
Yeah, I know - the shallowness of man!
But I swear she was looking right back at me
Hard to believe, yes I understand

She’s a pleaser
Dressed “just so” and smiling from head to toe
She’s such a teaser
The way she looks.  As if she didn’t know!

And then she walked right up to me
She said “my name’s Sue - d’ya wanna hit the floor”
Then she took me by the hand
And said “maybe later there could be some more”
Oh what could I do but go with her?
With that smile and thoughts of what might be
Oh, if I’d have thought for just one moment more
I’d have realised that things like this don’t happen to guys like me.

She’s a pleaser
Moving just so, smiles from head to toe
Such a teaser
Lets my hands go where they want to go....... you know!

So I move real close to her
And I whisper in her ear
Sweet suggestive words from my honeyed tongue
The kind of words I know she’d wanna hear
Instead of answering my body’s needs
She slapped my face and walked away
I was left with everyone watching me
I could see them laughing as they all turned away

Oh she’s a teaser
Her smile says yes but her body says no
She’s such a teaser
Winds me up and then lets me go
Oh she’s a teaser
Her smile says yes - but everybody says no!
She’s such a teaser
She winds me up, yes she winds me up!
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not to bad Jim...Do you have any music in mind for this...Hope so..... opps  yes I just seen the link for the music  Im deff going to have a listen...Hey  I think you may have sometyhing there Jim...these lyrics seem to fit  for this tune...is Wisdom going to use these lyrics ?

#3August 26th, 2006 · 07:51 AM
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Definatly gonna use this lyrics yes

Jim will soon send me the vocal tracks

this song is gonna be awesome...i'll make some little adjustments to it to make it more "teaser ;)"
#4August 29th, 2006 · 05:07 AM
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yup yup
damn right it is going to be a awesome song Bob.....Cant wait to hear the final cut..and you are collaborating with 2 very good musicians....Jiminuk  has a great voice....An sword fish is a master musician......yeah Bob, Jim's lyrics seem to go well with this song I would say...Good luck...

#5August 29th, 2006 · 06:43 AM
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Oooh a little riske`, eh? Well, it's got good flow at least the way I'm reading it. And at least it isn't Iszil's "Teacher Love" *shudder*

I think these lyrics are going to anger pappy   
#6August 31st, 2006 · 03:29 PM
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Right - Wisdom's song is done.  His version is posted here: http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/3260.html

Hope you like it - risque lyrics an' all
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