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Guitar for Beginners
What's a good acoustic guitar for a beginner? I'm looking for something cheap (yes, totally a beginner here), but something with a more "wholesome" sound - preferably a guitar that goes by "the guitar is as good as its player" kind of thing? (I often refer to the type of guitar... if it happens anywhere else I'm guessing I refer to the wood used )

I've heard some lighter sounding guitars before (shallow tone and bad "room" resonance) - I know they serve a purpose and that people buy them so stores stock it, which is why I'm looking for advice on how to avoid those... I have 0 experience with acoustic guitars (except listening to a lot of them), I'm very comfortable with the bass, so I'm wondering if there's a way to tell what my first guitar should be?

Again, I would probably think that the type of guitar doesn't matter for a beginner, but I would like to know what the most optimal one is, both in quality and price (which is asking a lot, I understand, so feel free to be subjective about this)!!

Thanks for your time guys!


P.S. I'm also thinking about an electric guitar, but I figured it'd be pretty useless to learn the electric without getting comfortable with an acoustic (chord fingerings and whatnot) first. Plus, don't electric guitars usually require a pedal or something to be performance/recording worthy?
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Buy the best guitar your budget allows you if that make sense
you can pick up a decent all solid wood for around £500 these days
Also not to be overlooked is the secondhand market
My advice is try as many as you can and trust yourself
You might find that a guitar will suit you perfectly while other people wouldn't rate it
Good luck
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United Kingdom
I just purchased a Tanglewood Discovery DBT DLXD new for £99.99 (retails for £149.99)
Best acoustic guitar I've had. I recorded with it on my recent uploads



They are the best value for money acoustic guitars in the UK, do they sell them in Canada?

Great action, tone, frets and machine heads. Also very good projection, lovely overtones, you get a great tone form it playing soft, always a good sign. I'd recommend it for a biginner, easy to play, infact I'd recommend to an experinced player. One thing you will need to do is purchase good quality strings, the ones that came with it were OK, but have now put a set of Martin Phophorus Bronze, it has improved the overall tone by about 25%, Or D'Addario strings, both are good quality.

At the end of the day you should simply go down to your music store and try out as many as possible. Does not work out for me as I'm left handed, very little choice in music shops, although I've been advised there will be one opening soon near me that specializes in left handed guitars.

Edit* Canada supplier of Tanglewood   
SF Marketing Inc Tel: 001 514 780 2075
This video goes through the whole range, but I think the one I have, 'Discovery' has just come out

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I will definitely be heading to the store after my semester's over... Hopefully the Christmas shoppers won't have already beaten me to it!


P.S. The £500 guitar does seem nice, but that's a bit over my budget, especially as a university student
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