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#1November 29th, 2007 · 08:02 PM
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To cover or not to cover
This is the question....

   It has been brought to my attention that the rules page still says no covers allowed...  Below you will find a link to the update to that rule, that was posted in a thread dealing with covers:

  This is posted by the prophet himself, Entheon...  Now, that being said, we definitely can add a forum page to handle covers/remixes later.. but until then, should we stop all covers to keep Bandamp ONLY original music, and take Bandamp back to it's original intentions, an Indie site for Indie musicians filled with original music not available ANYWHERE ELSE...

    Let me know what you think!  This is VERY IMPORTANT people.... So, start tippity tappin on them keys!!  Cmon!! You can do it!!!! 

#2November 29th, 2007 · 09:31 PM
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Hey Jim...

Well I think we should make a diference between covers (wich in my opinion can't be allowed) and versions/remixes.  I know it's complicated to do so, but regarding the intentions of the artist it's a little more clear. 
If you've just learned a new song from someone else and then recorded it just because you love that song... it's a cover. Even if you made some changes to the original.
BUT If you took a bassline, a riff or a drum sample out of a song made by someone else, but using it for an original composition... it just doesn't sounds too bad for me.
#3November 30th, 2007 · 12:32 AM
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Hmmm....  Ive been to a dozen other sites and there are no such "taboos" about covers.  Shouldnt putting up some sort of legal disclosure, stating that the administration is not responsible for any kind of legal ramifications resulting from covering another artists' song, be enough?  Local bands in my home town cover songs all the time and actually profit and ive never heard of any kind of backlash??  This is a free site here, its not like we are selling copies of the cover?  In my opinion its just "hating" on someone to disapprove of someones music.. cover or not!
#4November 30th, 2007 · 04:45 AM
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Let's keep it Original Indie, we have so many talented musicians on this site.
It keeps it more interesting.

I'm sure there are legalities.


#5November 30th, 2007 · 11:55 AM
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So what about Avis 'cover' of Vincents song?
It is a cover but it is also an original NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE!
And I think Vince gave Avi the go ahead to do it.

I'm just being argumentative 

I think we should have a drop down list of 'strange indie' genres to chose from when uploading songs, so as to categorise them. 'Cover' being one of the choices. It would make things clearer.

But as for 'the big question' : I wouldn't listen to a new member or an infrequent members if all they could post were covers. But if a member I know and appreciate posts a cover I'll listen, because it is part of that members development and I know that they can and do post original stuff at other times.

But yet if you want a straight answer I'd also have to say NO COVERS.
This is an Original Indie Music site after all.
#6December 1st, 2007 · 12:03 AM
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I'm all for covers.  Although, I have no responsibilities here (in terms of taking flak).   I have quite a few covers on my account, ask, and they shall be deleted.  Vincent's will stay up unless he requests I take it down (I received personal permission from  him).
#7December 1st, 2007 · 05:19 AM
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Having posted a cover recently, I can hardly say that I don't think it's right that they're allowed!!!

BUT...... I can see that there may be a few issues to do with originality, and a few legal bits n bobs too.  AND... it's an Indie music sight, so it makes sense to have only original music posted here.

Just like Avi, ask and I'll take the cover down (even though I'm pretty pleased with it!)
#8December 1st, 2007 · 05:21 AM
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I think covers should be allowed, but the emphasis should remain on original material. I mean, what is the big deal anyway, we are too small a fish to be sued anyway and if there's ever going to a legal dispute (highly unlikely) all we have to do is delete the particular piece from the site and no harm can befall us anyway..

Doing a cover CAN be a showcase of one's personal creativity - I mean, the arrangement, the performance, that stuff. Only thing I DO oppose to is cheap karaoke versions that had been intended to sound much like the original, or party bands bringing their versions of When The Saints Come Marching In. I think you know what I mean. But I loved hearing porcelaindolls Confide In Me for instance, and the Freak On A Leash from way back when by some member was pretty well done too. So, I am all for allowing those kind of covers.

Personally I've done covers, but not uploaded them. I might like to upload my version of A Forest, or one of the Ministry tunes I did. Then again, I might not. But I think it should be allowed...
#9December 1st, 2007 · 08:28 AM
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In my personal opinion Indie has nothing to do with playing covers, is more about not being signed and being independent.Many bands singed do covers and sure for the most part they have permission by the original artist but they make money of them,we don't.I think a disclaimer for Band Amp would be a good move.Also the proper credits to the original artist is Important.
Up to you guys but I'm up for it.!
#10December 1st, 2007 · 06:58 PM
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Too cover or not to cover...
hmmmmmmmmmmm  I vote yes!
#11December 6th, 2007 · 08:09 PM
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Cook Islands
#12December 7th, 2007 · 08:45 AM
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well the way i undersatnd it if theAMP posts a disclamer and
the member posts credits to the original artist there is no
problem for a new band covers are saving us because it starts
us off somewhere!! but anyway i havnt done work here so idk
if i should vote but if was gonna vote i would say
no its not original but the way i play covers is you mix it up
and you dont play it NOTE for NOTE you make it your own
so my covers have originality in them but its not up to me
so whatever the MODS think is right!!!        
#13December 7th, 2007 · 02:38 PM
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re: To cover or not to cover
Before I say NO!!! I checked out how to say it......

'How To Say No
We say "yes"to others because we want to please them. But when eventually we can't continue, we let them down and we feel guilty. Both parties suffer. Recognize that a desire to please often prevents us from saying no.

Stick to your plan. If you have a written set of goals and strategies, this gives you a reason to stick to your course.
FISH .............Say the Rules!!!

When someone persists, repeat your position, perhaps in a slightly different way.

Make sure you understand exactly what is being asked of you before you respond.
FISH..OK I Understand

Excel at just a few things, rather than being just average at many. Don't try to do everything.

You have a right to say no. Remember that others may take you for granted and even lose respect for you if you don't. 
FISH ............. OK

Be polite, but firm in saying no. You only build false hopes with wishy-washy responses.
FISH ... I Get that.

Ask for help in deciding where the new task should fall on the list of priorities..
FISH .... Done That!!!

Some experts recommend keeping your answer short.
FISH....I Agree

When in doubt, it's easier to say no now, then change your mind to a yes later, rather than the other way around.
FISH Yep thats a good strategy

So I say .......................................NO

#14December 15th, 2007 · 06:26 PM
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I don't care either way. If your not trying to sell the cover for cash profit or the website (which is free) doesn't make money off of it then I see know reason why band amp couldn;t have a covers forum tab ( imho keeping them separate from originals would be a good idea).

most of the reason covers are gone after is someone is selling or using the music for profit of some nature if no gains are being made their is no money to sue over.
#15December 17th, 2007 · 12:00 PM
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Well let me repeat my point - one can do a cover of a song in a really original way, with a unique approach, and this would be something that person could be extremely proud of, and want to share with the amping community. I say: Sure, go ahead and upload! There will be no harm done it that.

We are not online for profit, everybody knows that. So, I see no problems in uploading a cover since we won't be damaging any original artist in any way. And would we run into any objection, there is always a way to swiftly remove a cover from the site and all will be set straight. SO there's no problem there.
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