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#16December 17th, 2007 · 06:41 PM
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I also think the idea of posting covered songs is rather harmless, in general.  of course (like anything) it could be taken to an extreme, and we'd get people who upload every megabyte of covers they've ever done.. yeah.. that would just be a bunch of cluttered nonsense all over the audio forum.

but taking the idea at a medium throttle.. i really do think it's harmless.  and like PX says, they can be removed easily enough if there's any commotion over it (since it was decided that we have the right to delete such things, including their commentary :P )

i was planning on posting something on this thread to the very effect of what PX said:  a person can do up a cover in a very original way, and I'd say that their talent to be able to do so demonstrates another side of musical creativity.  heck, you can walk into a CD store and find lots of "Cover Band" cds.  it's just the way some people shine through!

I may very well never upload a cover...   though... I was considering asking PorcelainDoll if I could do a version of Rolling Through the Punches, or Sinking Heart.. we'll see, one day

collab tab might be interesting.. I could see the advantages in that.  it ought to be formatted a little differently than the Audio Review forum, simply due to the nature of collabs... multiple artists, mainly
#17December 18th, 2007 · 07:24 AM
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About 24 hours after posting 'No' to covers I had already changed my mind, and the arguments for only get better......so if it makes any difference here's another Yes to covers, within creative reason!
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