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This Room is a Castle

This song is not in a battle

Hey, the uploads are working again.

Conceptually, this is part of Atop The Sailing Spire of Machinations and Ten Years of White and Gray, where I imagined a girl has 10 tracks worth of kind of loopy adventures.  This 11th song ended those adventures by pulling back and understanding that the girl never left her friends room, that the adventures are part of what she feels when she is there.

This Room is a Castle, and the afternoon is hot, and laying here is all she feels like doing.  This is the place that she can go and be whatever she wants, because she cant do that just anywhere these days.

I built this a while back and every time I try to update it and fix the problems I see, it loses something.  Probably just a nostalgia for the way I felt when I built it this particular way.

Obligatory TLS visual inspiration image:

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very cool, the different phrases fit nicely together.
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