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Let Him Go

This song is not in a battle

NOTE: Demo title... can't think of a good title. If anyone can think of a better one please let me know!

Haven't wrote anything in ages... been really busy with work and stuff but had the past week off so managed to write. This is my first song using my new setup - now use logic and have a nice new microphone . Using real guitars now, all played by me, not great but meh I've taught myself and I try my best!

Songs with old setup (for comparison):


Comments on lyrics, production, songwriting, performance and anything else you can think of would be great!



I spied her on the train
And she was walking right by
She looked in my direction
If only for a second

Lost in conversation
About the guy that made her
Feel this way

If I could take just a second to tell her my life
She could tell me her name and I could tell her mine
I'm not the kind of guy to go and give it away
But I'm a sucker for a girl with a guy like him

I feel how you feel when you let it go
I feel how you feel when you catch him
With his hands held high and he says he doesn't know
He's a liar he's a cheater but you can't let go

I feel how you feel when you let it go
I feel how you feel when you catch him
I know that you need more
Than what you settle for

I could be the one for you, if you wanted
I could take a fall for you, if you've got it
I can be there when he is not around

You can tell me anything
I'm just that kind of guy
You can relate to me
For the rest of your life
If you wanted to
If that's what you want

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Well well good job on the song! At first I though - oh no, not another EducatedGuess :P - but then you came in with the drums and started to swing, a brilliant turn! Ahh well drums arevery synthetic however and the instrumentals are not as tight, but for the general idea, and the lyrics etc this mix is adequate. Now that you have your songwriting down, time to work on properly arranging them, and start blowing people away real good!
#3February 28th, 2011 · 04:37 PM
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Nice song - your new set is much better in terms of recording quality.
Just a few tweeks IMO
The piano at the start should come in just before the down beat.
The chorus sounds a bit empty, so why not use the strings played in Chords, and, or, a backing oh aaaahs in harmoney - that would fill it out nice.

Do you have any acoustic drums in your software?

The cello is still nice where you placed it, maybe just raise it a bit in the mix.
#4March 3rd, 2011 · 10:34 AM
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Thanks guys, really an honour to be compared to EducatedGuess - he's a big influence of mine! Timing was out, I will work on the production in future songs, this was my first one with the new setup, so hopefully even better things to come!

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