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emotionally beautiful I love it!
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This song was voted to be included in the bandAMP album "The AMP VOL I", I have taken over from Fais54 in respect of launching the album.

I need your permission to use this song and a wav file. megauploads.com seems to be the quickest for me to download, rapidshare is pants.

Here is a sample of whats been sent to me.

"I give permission to Denis Ahmet for my recording "Whisper in the Night" to be used as a track on the BandAmp.com compilation album Volume 1
I reserve ownership of the song, recording and lyrics and the right to use it in future projects.
Terence M Hunt. -  SkunkApe
ęCopyright  Saturday, ęSeptember ę20, ę2008.  Terence M Hunt"

Your song will not be included unless I receive your permission, you have one week to send it to me, I'll just be too busy for one reason to delay the project, I need to have everybody's consent before I take it to the next stage.


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