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#31August 24th, 2005 · 12:27 PM
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United Kingdom
That was great. Good harmonies and chilled guitaring which got your feeling across. I can't wait to hear more.
#32August 24th, 2005 · 12:50 PM
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I sort of stopped listening to stuff on this site becauser there was so much - er - crap, but this is a great song! There's a guy from Toronto named Nick Zubeck who's one of my favourite artists who this reminds me of. Such good melodic listenable stuff. Clear, crisp, simple... realy enjoyed it. Thank you!
#33August 26th, 2005 · 07:13 AM
this song is the best song i've heard on this site you shold go pro
#34August 26th, 2005 · 11:12 AM
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United States of America
a very sweet, well recordede piece of music

really good job

added to my playlist
#35November 17th, 2005 · 06:32 AM
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GREAT tune dave just GREAT now i must add to my playlist for this is worthwhle!
bravo man bravo!
#36November 17th, 2005 · 09:03 PM
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Hey, I'm glad Buzz brought this back up! I thought I had posted on it before but must have been lost in the B.C. (before crash). I've actually had it in my playlist for a while now, I'm sure I gave it 100%.
So...CONGRADULATIONS on 1st place. You deserve it!
How's your website/CD coming along?

Edit: WOW 39 votes!
#37November 19th, 2005 · 10:39 AM
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Yea, this is a great song, don't know what to say.

Coming across this, gives me that Jung synchronity effect-feel - you do magic, man

well, life goes on. keep it up!
#38December 14th, 2005 · 05:11 AM
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re: On My Own
randomdave wrote…
There's a feeling that we've all had at some point in our lives, when you suddenly realise that you've REALLY screwed something up and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.  No amount of regret or feeling sorry for yourself is gonna change a thing ... nor will it change the fact that it was entirely your fault.

Here's a song about that feeling ...

its awesome! i like it!
#39December 18th, 2005 · 03:03 PM
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On my own
I am new to this. Maybe I am too late, but I want to say this:
Beautiful song, overall.
There is one mistake in the lyrics around 0:30 ... 0:40...
"This coooonnnnnversation's all gone cold..." should be replaced with...

"This talk........ we've had is all gone cold..." (or something like that).
It's easier to stretch the word "taaaalk" then "connnnversation"
and it's more pleasant for the listener.

Around 1:44 ... this "perhaps..." is beautiful to hear.

I hope this may help.  Beautiful song, anyway.
#40December 18th, 2005 · 03:27 PM
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United Kingdom
Thanks for the critique.  I'm always happy to receive feedback.

However, I'm not entirely sure that the concept of a "mistake" existing in a piece of creative art is particularly sound.  For example, I could put "3 blind mice" in the backing vocals (the nursery rhyme, not 3 literal blind mice ... that would be odd) or maybe a Metallica style guitar solo in the outro and it would not be a "mistake" as such.  This song is something that I've created and only I have the right to say what is correct and what is a mistake.  Lyrics don't just happen - they take thought.  And I personally think they are better my way.  You're welcome to disagree, but not to tell me I'm wrong.

But thanks anyway.
#41December 18th, 2005 · 04:36 PM
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Well said!
#42December 18th, 2005 · 04:50 PM
I liked that a lot.
It had a lot of emotional content, which is alol that matters.
#43December 19th, 2005 · 09:20 PM
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My mistake
Sorry Randomdave for the use of the word "mistake".
I didn't want to offend you. I just tried to express the point of view of a "listener."
Your song is beautiful overall, but that "cooonnnversation" word sounds strange.
In a song, the sound of the words is as important as the sound of the music.
I am just giving you a listener's point of view.
My mother tongue is french. I may "perhaps" (beautiful in your song) have misused a word.

You are absolutely right when you say that the author is always right in his creative work.
Bye Bye!
#44December 20th, 2005 · 05:36 PM
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United Kingdom
ok, well if english isnt your first language then fair enough.  sorry for having a go at you.
#45December 23rd, 2005 · 05:03 PM

I'm speechless, what more can i say...
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