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#46January 16th, 2008 · 12:35 PM
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Lovely voice,nice music,... you're very talented...
#47February 7th, 2008 · 12:27 PM
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re: All That I Can Be
EducatedGuess wrote…
Well Here it is. The first track off my piano EP. (well actually the second, this is just the first I've uploaded)

The vocals were double tracked and recorded in my friend's flat using some pretty basic gear. The piano was recorded in a 300 year old chapel on a grand piano. Which had an extremely loud pedal but it's not too noticable thankfully.

My good friend Bella put double bass in a few of the tracks which sounds beautiful.


I know all the things that people say I hear them everyday.
And I know all the things you like and dislike in me.
But I?m not ready for this kind of conversation where you break down,
What I am and what i wish that I could be.

I?m this passive little angel underneath it all,
But come across as something harder to digest, I guess.
When i?m older and i?m wiser I will know my weaker side,
But for now I?m young and bold enough with nothing here to hide.


And I,
Had always been the same one there.
And I,
Am not the one who?s changed round here


Didn?t you notice that?


I?m aware of all remarks in absence of my presence,
I?m well informed of what i should and shouldn?t say.
And I have trouble with my foot and what I put it in,
I am walking I am moving but I only seem to stay.

I am sure I?ll never change i?ll probably always stay the same,
There?s nothing left I haven?t lost before that I can?t lose again.
So i?ll continue on my way before I go I?d like to say,
I?m only one man. With two hands. I?m all that I can be.



I?m only one man with two hands I?m all that I can be.
(Two hands I am all I can be)

I?m only one man with two hands I?m all that I can be.
(Two hands I am all I can be)

I?m only one man with two hands I?m all that I can be.
(Two hands I am all I can be)

- Chester
#48February 7th, 2008 · 12:32 PM
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I love the song man. Your heart and ability to express feeling is very good and I have a feeling that its only the beginning for you.....jgv
#49February 10th, 2008 · 12:50 PM
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Hello Chester
Hey I don't know if you got my other e-mails on this site or not but I want to thankyou for your music. I checked out 2 so far that are on the site and both are very good. I believe you have some great talent in your music because your heart comes through. The point that you want to make is heard. I will be listening to all of your stuff in time...Keep up the good work and continue to just be yourself in your writing. That's what counts. Have a great day man!!!!jgv
#50July 4th, 2011 · 03:08 AM
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I love this song mainly because I have it in my personal repertoire.

btw Happy Birthday!
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