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#31May 27th, 2006 · 01:22 AM
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Very beautiful song , the voice could have been a little more present at the begining(this is only my opinion)...but ...when listening a second time , its not evident...Anyway great work!!!
#32May 28th, 2006 · 08:06 AM
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Very very nice song man. Also your voice is very good.(Maybe if you add beautiful guitar or piano solo it will be very great.)
Good job !
#33June 17th, 2006 · 06:44 AM
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#34June 20th, 2006 · 03:22 PM
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I haven't had a chance to listen to all your music, but of the 7 songs I've listened to so far, this is my favorite. Love the piano and bass together, they work very well. I like the progressions, the lyrics, everything really.

Thanks for sharing!
#35July 21st, 2006 · 03:49 AM
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Being a piano player for 16 years i have to say i love this song. its beautiful, gorgeous. the chord pregressions just give off this butterfly effect and i love it
#36July 23rd, 2006 · 06:35 AM
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i like sad songs!
piano is nice and simple. i like the voice.
#37July 23rd, 2006 · 02:11 PM
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Wow, this sounds really great. I really like these types of songs, following a simple piano riff through the whole thing. Very easy to listen to, and enchanting all the same. I think the strings could've come out some more in the chorus, but that's a minor thing.

The double tracked vocals was a nice effect, too. And you can really hear the emotion come out in your voice.

Great job on this song, hope to see you emerge as one of our newest solo artists.
#38July 27th, 2006 · 11:21 AM
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United States of America
I love this song, it's one of my favorites of yours.

However- I have to say I'm a little sad to see the old version go.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for professional and whatnot..

But the perfection and emotion in your voice on the original version will be forever what holds me to that song..

So I'll buy the EP .. and I'll listen to this version from to time..

But I'm keeping my old copy of just you and a mic on a computer, with a whole lot of raw emotion coming thru... and I'll listen to it when I want to feel what the song is really about!

Nicely done.
#39July 27th, 2006 · 01:27 PM
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youve got some great music
#40July 28th, 2006 · 01:13 AM
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United States of America
one word: pimp

~tha squizz

King of A-G-T South

Arlington (AGT), Texas
#41October 24th, 2006 · 05:27 AM
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United Kingdom
Nice piano playing there. I really like this song, it flows really well, and your voice suits the piano really well.
#42November 9th, 2006 · 04:56 AM
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I have to admit I'm usually picky when it comes to piano base songs, but this one is off the charts! I love how the piano sounds, a real deep and powerful sound, it makes you feel as if you were right there, the vocals are comparable to all the best artists of this type of music. Really liked the double voice thing, has awesome timing. Definitely my favorite piano base song. Thanks for another great song, keep it up man!
#43December 1st, 2006 · 03:26 AM
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Wow!!!! I'm in love with your voice, your story and your piano
I can't believe you are 19 and you have Ovation! And so many good songs. And... what a beautiful voice! Wow x 10! You've totally shot me! 
#44January 20th, 2007 · 08:17 PM
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United Kingdom
Fb Major in 2/4?
#45August 15th, 2007 · 01:49 PM
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United States of America
i've not heard a single track of yours that i dont like
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