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#1June 2nd, 2005 · 06:36 PM
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Tell us about yourself
Well, I guess I'll try to kickstart some action in this forum!
This is a topic where you can tell us about yourself, you musical background and how you found bandamp.

I'm from Oslo, Norway and I study information technology at the University in Oslo. I'm 23 years old right now, and I've been playing guitar since I was 14. I recently started playing the piano, harmonica and mandolin as well and my next project will be the banjo (after seeing the duel from Deliverance... awesome stuff). I listen to all sorts of music, but I like playing classical (and neo-classical).

I found the musictalk forum November 2002 and I've been there since. Me, OvertoneBliss and Nunly81 arranged a small poll-based contest on the forum, which mud turned into this awesome site you see today. I witnessed bandamps birth, so I didn't really find it!
#2June 3rd, 2005 · 05:17 PM
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United States of America
Aye. Banjos are awesome sindre, you'll have to post some clips when you get one.

I'm from Aurora, Colorado. I recently graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Computer Science. I'm 20, soon to turn 21, and I'm a bum. That's right, I graduated college so that I could sit on my ass all day and write music. I've played guitar since I was 18 (had some lessons briefly when I was 13, but didn't really pick it up). I had 10 years of piano lessons, and also instruction on the flute and informal instruction on drums. I love all music, though I'm one of those rare opponents of classic rock (my dad played it all the time when I was a kid, so most of it I just grew tired of). I primarily listen to (and write) metal songs, although I also listen to a fair bit of country, blues, jazz and classical.

I found this site through musictalk, I've been hanging around there for about 2 1/2 years now, and I joined bandAmp recently as I've been writing songs.
#3June 4th, 2005 · 02:47 AM
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United States of America

  It's great to be a part of this and great job Sindre, OvertoneBliss and Nunly81, without your idea and Mud's actions, we wouldn't have this musical exchange channel or home .

  My name is Rodrigo Perez-Segnini, I go as Transistor(ize) & Techboy,  , I started playing guitar back in 91, I dropped it and started bass since then I've piked up the piano, minor percussion, musical programming and became literate in music, I listen from Jazz to drum and bass, going through salsa brava to African percussion, I graduated as an audio engineer four years ago, and started producing professionally six years ago.

  Can't remember how I found Bandamp, it makes me wonder, really how did I find this place?

  Well, I feel this big urge to express what I think, how I see stuff through colors and notes, words and rhythms, try to make, and help people achieve what they hear in their heads, any one can play an instrument, not all of them can make music, we are blessed

  Wrote this for my ex girl friend, soul mate and lead Singer that you all have heard, and it goes some like this:

  I hope, I dream, I feel. Only time can tell, but music will take us into the depths of a new realization, a place where reality and dreams are in harmony, a place where the muse is the melody, the word of the queen, and we are mere messengers of a reality that not every one sees, are we one with music? No, we are music.
#4June 6th, 2005 · 04:53 PM
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United States of America
Well Im known as Nunly but the name is Jason. Im just so proud of what this place became. I mean it went from us useing links to other sites on the musictalk forum to a very large and productive site. So for that I thank Mud.

As for me......Im 23 and in the USCG. I have been playing since I was 18. I love old metal(80's) and I love the 70's. Anything with a good guitar sound is what I want. I also have a band that has dont a few shows here and there and are working on getting a cd out. Thats about it though.
#5June 13th, 2005 · 09:04 AM
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Hi there!
My name's Valeria, I'm 32 and I'm from Milan, Italy.
I found bandamp while I was surfing through the net looking for a good site to listen some good free music. I just loved the idea of the battle though I think that "battle" is a bad name (too many wars in the world). Why not "contest"? Or better "meeting"?
And why don't you allow the downloading of the mp3 posted? I'd like to make myself a CD for my car! ))
Well I tried to sing in a band two years ago but it was a bad experience, maybe I'll try again sometimes. My favourite music is electro and rock. I love Massive Attack, foo fighters, QOTSA while my favourite singer is Tori Amos.
Well, nothing more to say about myself!
#6June 13th, 2005 · 09:53 AM
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United States of America
Hello, all!

I only very recently joined the BandAMP website, as I have yet to actually post anything in the way of music from me.  I plan on doing a recording of a song in the next few days though!  I found bandamp through google while looking for a nice, decent crowd to share music with, and listen to others' music for ideas/inspiration/goodfuzzyfeelings/etc 

I currently live in the lexington, KY area (though i've lived many places, from NY to CA) and i've attended just 1 year of college so far at UK.  I'm just another 19yearold who wants to let some notes into the air.  I was part of a local band that was made up of long-time-high-school friends.  i played fill-in parts on a keyboard synth instrument, and did only a small bit of harmony vocals.  we recently had to break the band up since we began to drift different directions... the military, schools, other interests, etc.  But a few of us are determined to mark some territory out here in the musical world!

I'm glad to have found a decent crowd of people and a good selection of music here.  my personal interests lie in modern-ized versions of punk-rock, emo, general alternative, and the great guitar-acoustic songs of the world.  I've been really happy with the stuff i hear on this site too.  i think everybody needs a change of pace so that we get away from the sell-outs, and back to where it all begins.
#7June 13th, 2005 · 07:33 PM
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Valeria wrote…
And why don't you allow the downloading of the mp3 posted? I'd like to make myself a CD for my car! ))

Actually you can download!

#8June 14th, 2005 · 06:24 PM
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United States of America
And Sindre back for the feild goal.......................Its Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to tnail that question man!
#9June 15th, 2005 · 01:39 AM
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United States of America
You guys is funny...he...he..

I might as well introduce myself. I'm an old man so I'll try to make it brief.

I am known as Chauvette at this site, which is my real last name. Marc is my first. I started working the circuit in 1976 at the age of 17. My first paying
gig was at a biker bar in Watertown NY (then known as Jammer's Tavern)
where I played keyboards, guitar, was a lead vocalist, and wrote original music for the popular upstate NY group "Wirlwind".

During this period, I turned down an audition in NYC
as a guitarist with the king of the twist "Chubby Checker". 
I later joined up with the 8-piece horn band "Contraband" and toured Florida with
the group in the late 1970's. While with "Wirlwind" and "Contraband"
I shared the stage with such other acts as "Blue Oyster Cult",
"Chubby Checker", "Benny Mardones", and "Leslie West"
of "Mountain". "Contraband" returned to upstate NY in 1981 where the group
disbanded, and a new "Wirlwind" band was formed.

Wirwind disbanded in 1989.
I became interested in electronic music composition as a hobby. I later
teamed up with Bob Watts to form "Chauvette and Watts" who would later
become a staple in resort entertainment in the Thousand Islands in upstate
NY. It was there that I first met "The Scintas", who were already
legends in the Alex Bay region. At this time, Frankie Scinta told me
"If we ever make it big in this business, we're going to give you a call".
I was flattered but thought nothing would ever become of that.
I was asked to join up with "The Scintas" in Las Vegas, Nevada in December of 2000, where I now reside and am fulfilling a 5 year contract at The Rio..

Current projects include scoring for Farrington Productions for an East coast show, scoring my first original soundtrack for the movie "The Coldest Winter" (you can see the trailer at www.thecoldestwinter.comand hear some of the original music I scored, and of course music for the show and my own originals.

I stumbled upon BandAmp last month while I was surfing the net for porno ( just kidding ). I was delighted to find this site as a channel for both downloading and posting original music comps. What a great place! I'm addicted! You guys have done a fantastic job. I've been telling everyone..   Keep it up !! You're the best !!
#10June 17th, 2005 · 07:22 AM
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Whoa...compared to all of you I'm just a newbie. I found this site yesterday, if I don't remember wrong. I was looking for a lyric an saw an advertisement. and here i am.

My real name is Amanda and I'm 15 years old and live in Sweden. I just graduated from the Swedish high school and will go on and read at the gymnasium. I speak Swedish, English and French. And I'm going to read languages at the gymnasium so I will also start to read at least Latin and maybe German, Spanish, Greek or Russian to.

I've listen to music all my life and have always loved to sing and play. I took lessons in clarinet for five years and one year flute. Piano, guitar and the little bit of base I know I've learned all by my self at home. This spring I was in a musical with other young people. We played "Godspell". It was fun and I and a guy named Jonathan sang "All for the best". This spring we also had a music project at school. We was made into 8 different groups. And well, we ended up recording a CD. If you go to my links you can find a place where can listen to the songs. Most are in Swedish, though if you them translated just tell me.

I listen to any kind of music and I've got everything (almost) from LPs with ELO to old classic rock CDs to new modern Swedish songs to French rap.
#11June 18th, 2005 · 12:47 AM
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United States of America
Hi my name is Racquel I am from Skiatook Oklahoma I will be 18 in august I have played the piano for at least 8 years the clarinet for 5 years going on 6 the tenor sax for 2 going on 3 years (that is in my high school jazz band)and I have been in choir for 2 years and I love music a lot I like about every kind of music except country but it is starting to grow on me and jazz choir we have the best choir in the state and it still does not sound good to me. my fav. band is blink 182 and my fav. singer is Mariah Carey. One of my biggest fears is playing in front of people by myself my piano teacher that I just changed to says that she is going to enter me into this contest where I play classical music and the judge me on it.....I hope that I don't get to nervous! I think that it is called Guild.

   anyways I found this site looking for lyrics to a German song so I could translate it. I think that this is the coolest thing I can listen to music from all over the world!!! I think that is really amazing that you guys can make up this music in your head and put it on instruments I have tried it before but only got maybe 30 seconds with it and I could not figure out what else to add to it. Plus I don't have anything to record with I just have a pencil and some blank sheet music and my piano. That's OK though I think that I would rather play it or listen to it but not write it so I give you guys a really big thumbs up cause that is a really hard thing to do.

   Bye, Racquel
#12June 19th, 2005 · 09:15 PM
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United States of America
hurrah for blink 182!!!
#13June 21st, 2005 · 05:13 PM
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United Kingdom
Yo peeps! My real name is Joey (so I'm actually not Nameless!!!), I'm 17 and I live in Watford (a small town on the outskirts of London) after moving here from London 2 years a go.  I've been playing guitar for about 4 or so years now and I've made great progress but I've had 3 amazing teachers to help me along the way.

1st teacher: the first person to put a guitar in my hands was my dad.  I wanted to play bass or drums and he told me drums were too loud and there isn't much point just learning bass.  So he gave me some lessons on a 12 string and I was hooked.  He recently gave up playing and gave me the following... the 12 string I learned on (kimbara), a Gibson Sonex deluxe, a vintage vox AC-30, a fostex VF EX-80 recording unit, all his effects units and other guitar stuff (picks, slides, wires, strings and cappos) and last but not least a Marshall BI-chorus 800 with 1936 lead cab and 1966 lead cab kitted out with celestian speakers.  My gosh isn't he generous!?!?! Even now if I'm playing drums he'll some times come and jam with me, what a guy!

2nd teacher: this dude showed me what was possible with some imagination and a lot of hard work and bloody finger tips! Antony Wealdon taught me for a year every Thursday at 10:30 for an hour from September 2002- August 2003. At first it was chords and scales but I bought my fender strat when I turned 13 and he taught me to play ROCK!! After I heard Deep Purple for the first time, he taught me to play it in 10 minuets! And i don't mean smoke on the water! I learned black knight in ten minuets with this guy! He taught me to play lead as well. From there it's all be up hill to the next challenge.

3rd teacher: well kind of a teacher in my eyes at least, my self. After the seeds of rock were sewn and I had the skill to do so, I taught my self to learn by ear and play what my idols can. Now I struggle to find guitarists with stuff difficult enough (with the exception of steve via, joe satriani, "Dimebag" Darrel Abott and Zack Wylde) that I want to learn. So as a result I took to writing my own songs and it's become addictive!

I've been playing drums for 2 years now and it's great fun but guitar will always be my strength. So I can also play drums and (thanks to the wisdom of my Dad) can play bass kinda by default of being able to play guitar. Therefore (to bring this essay to a close!) I'd like to say that ALL instruments and ALL production on ALL of my songs is done by moi!

Keep safe and rock on! m/ (*j*) m/
#14June 22nd, 2005 · 12:53 AM
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hellooooo im a new person!

im new and im from australia... the land down under. i love music, and well let me tell you all about my favourite musicians. jimi hendrix - the ultimate legend of music, the doors, yeah yeah yeahs- of course hence the name, the strokes- and i heard they are coming to oz soon!!, dandy warholes- love those happy people, the white stripes. and those are just a few that i love. if i named them all id be here all day. but i love 60's and 70's rock music like jimi hendrix and the doors, and yeah music is a way to express myself. i love writing lyrics, but i dont know how to write the complete songs, and its such a shame because i truely feel my lyrics are gold! hmm i wish i knew someone from a rock band...
thanks for hearing me out.

yeahyeahyeahs, xoxo
#15June 22nd, 2005 · 11:23 PM
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Rayz is in da house!Bring it down!!
Hi guys...

Let me introduce my self first...
My name is Raymond Arief but u can call me Ray. I was born on July 31st 1983...I foung out this very amazing site (BandAmp.com) couple of weeks ago....i love makin music and i think this is the best place on internet earth to hang out with....=D
I call my music is a "Rock A Mellow" music....coz my music -i think- is a combination of both sides....there's a little bit rock and a lots of mellow sound...coz my voice is very2 mellow.... ....
I like KoRn....MLTR....U2.....but basically i like all kind of music......i can't stand 1 day livin without music....it's like, music is my live and my live is music....=) sounds cool huh.... ....
9 days left...vote for me please....
GBU all....and thx for all of u guys.....the artists of bandAmp.com....n everybody that makes this world more colorful by makin music....=)   love n peace...=)
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