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#16May 26th, 2007 · 01:27 AM
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Cook Islands
MeowMachine, hiya's and evenin.. howzit and 'sup??
hello evening!!!! pretty good!!! nothing much...just got home..you?
#17May 26th, 2007 · 02:58 AM
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Just Hangin..
hangin out, hangin in and hangin on..
so I guess I'm just hangin g/f... 
So did ya have a good time out?
was kinda workin on a little acoustic
riff I'd been playin with for a few
years now..  it's got kinda like a
spanish feel to it.. but tryin to get
my chops back up again.. and maybe
some calluses back up..  other than
that mm, my left foot is swollen up
like a football with toes all the way
up to my calf.. hardly bends at the
ankle.. so not doing any roller skating,
ballroom dancing or cowboy 2 steppin
roach stompin these days.. ya know what
I miss the most, surfing.. going down to
the east coase of florida, just down around
jacksonville and spending a good four day
weekend on the beech.. use to be young,
crazy and insane enough to hit the beach
during hurricane warnings way back when..
we called 'em huricane parties just like the
ones the folks would have barricaded inside
with their windows boarded up and all when
the warnings would come in.. we had a buddy
drown during what was out last hurricane party..
and we ourselves were even luckier that we never
got picked up by the cops.. in those days it was
a five hundred dollar fine as well as you could do
thirty days in jail if the judge was having a bad
day... oh the times of our youth.. cherish every
minute... and live it to your fullest!!  get your
education and get out, enjoy life while you also
work hard and set your station in life ya know?
ok, no small russian novels tonight... go listen to
that little diddy and tell me honestly what you
think hun.. it graduated into a guitar duet....


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