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#16November 4th, 2012 · 01:28 PM
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Watching, but not commenting. Until now.

 I've been gone for years. Mostly because I had a second child and music got put on a back shelf. Back then, when I was here, there were so many people commenting it was almost too much. One needed a strong skin to deal with the negative comments that were not constructive. With more people giving input that's what one gets: that's not to say such a thing is bad, only that it is an observation.

To be blunt - and merely describing what I've seen, When I returned recently I find it is very quiet with mostly insiders commenting to each other.  To be clear, I have never felt excluded. I am just pointing out that you are all so familiar with each other. Actually having truely dedicated sharing thoughts has been most helpful.

I don't really know who built, runs or owns bandamp. I don't know who pays for server and bandwidth. I've looked for and can't find a donate button. I would like a little more info about the who and why of bandamp. Perhaps a "What is Bandamp" page. Perhaps some people feel overly protective of their music to post to a site without more information about things like this. I was curious when I began here and was cautious about what I shared at first.

Also, although I would hesitate to embrace some social media - placing a "share" button for Twitter or facebook-like sites, to indicate that a user has posted a new work in progress (inviting others to stop in and offer feedback.) This might drive new traffic to bandamp - and new commenters.

Perhaps it is time for a new look, better clarity, and new methods to connect - with the options to comment and to post and link directly on other pages the way soundcloud and youtube does.

Ask for donations - not for the money, but to let people feel this is a community that they can be apart of.

And thanks, to Bandamp, and whoever is running this thing. I still think its awesome.

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