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On-line audio editors
Having found the on-line Guitar Tabber and remembering OHM Studio with mentions of Band-in-a-Box I went Googling for free online music program

I've looking at a few from that page and one or two seem reasonably usable ...
Looplabs has a fairly cool program set up, but as far as I can tell you must use their samples.
I registered at UJAM , you can record your own stuff I think dut their samples are 'full pieces' of music, handy if you want to create instant music.

I particularly liked Myna, it fairly easy to use and is connected to different sounds/samples libraries including SoundCloud, you should be able to make out that I had Maxdbs SoundCloud tracks open in the lower pane :

These programs are sample based editors, though I did not go deeply into it http://www.noteflight.com/ seems a very good online program if you work in written notes, the full program probably needs paying for but I just loaded the Star Trek theme midi file into the demo which it wrote out, all 36 pages ... and played it
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guitar tabber works great, tnx for the link.
fooled around a bit with Myna, its fun but very limited, Ableton does include Soundcloud as well.
Guess Myna is way easier to start with though .
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