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has this been posted before
We as song writers are looking for cool ways to interact with other musicians on the internet. This link was sent to me, I joined it. Haven't had a chance to record a project yet (because I just joined it)  interactive internet projects, that allow other musicians to join in, using the same software,, right now it's free (beta version) so far everything is working ok.

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Yes ... getting old is a bummer ...
Did you not mention Band in a Box ?
Cool track

I had ASIO problems with it and it started crackling ... though I am willing to 'give it another go' if more members were to install.
The collaboration side of it is really good, they were sussing vst plugin problems last time I was there.
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I just got an update from them, Not sure what it is about yet.  it'll take a bit but I think they have a pretty good idea.
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