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Greetings BandAMP
Hi everybody!

A little about me...

I played Bass in your typical rock band back in the late 70s early 80s. I guess you would call it "Hair Metal" now days but back then we just called it rock & roll. We got to the level of playing the major club circuit all over the western US. Then things kinda fell apart and I ended up joining the US Navy for 6 years, then got married, had a kid and a mortgage and pretty much didn't touch an instrument again for most of 20 years. Finally in 2005 life rolled around to the point where I got back into it. Since then I have been messing around with all the great recording options available now.

I joined up in hopes of getting some solid feedback on my compositions but after listening to the awesome music you guy have posted I'm not sure if I want to post any of my stuff LOL. My biggest problem is that I'm a pure bass player, never wanted to play anything else. But since tunes with nothing but bass are pretty dang awful I've been forced to learn some guitar and keys. Unfortunately they all sound like they were played by a bass player.
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Cool...Kool welcome on board..Hope you enjoy the music community and don't be shy, its all good...This is a music community dedicated to help each other grow as musicians..Who knows you might meet some good friends!
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Thanks Marino 

This looks like a pretty mellow forum. I have to do a few more reviews and then I will throw something up. I'm curious what you guys can suggest to bring my mixes up to the standard I've seen on here.
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Very Kool ! ..... 

The world would be a VERY empty and boring place without bass players.

There are members around who 'only' play bass or drums and feel the same ... I dont play any instruments !
But if you let your stuff be heard in the Audio Review and familiarise your self with the members around and the stuff that they play I bet my last bit of crumbled cookie that you'll start collaborating eventually.

The key to bandAMP like any forum is to take part, throw your 2 cents worth in the mix, ask for change and then come back and throw your wad on the table 

A! The butterfly effect of PMs ...
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A new "basser". How nice. Welcome, Kool!!
I´m happy about every new basser here coz they´re sooo rare.
What would the music-scene be without peops like Stan Clarke, Mark King, Jaco Patorius, Percy Jones, Jonas Hellborg, Eberhard Weber, Michael Manring, Alphonso Johnson and...and....and...and...and...........??


Let´s hear some "low notes" from your hand.

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Heh heh, I hope you guys aren't expecting me to play to the level of those guys

My influences are more towards the Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Dave Hope, Gary Stratler variety. I love the Jazz/Fusion players too.

Thanks Again for the warm welcomes. I will have some music up shortly. 
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If one of your influences is Geddy Lee you are definitely welcome in my book
Welcome to the amp man! You'll love it here!!
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I know, Geddy is amazing. His bass work is awesome by itself but then you add vocals on top of that.
#9May 1st, 2012 · 12:28 PM
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This Michael Manring dude is very cool .... how he listens ... and feels his way.
Does he have some kind of leaver under the head to change octave?
Totally mesmerizing stuff
#10May 1st, 2012 · 03:20 PM
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It's a Zon Hyperbass. Here is a video where he explains how it works

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