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#16November 21st, 2007 · 07:56 PM
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The part where the main character dreams and sees himself in the mirror - how does that connect to the finale?

To me, the man appears to be dreaming (after an extended episode of being tormented by this thing) and, in that dream, he comes to the frightening realization that the tormenter has taken possession of him? That he has BECOME the concrete monster? Do I notice in the first part of that dream that he looks down and sees concrete feet (legs, whatever...I can't quite figure that out)

I think, really, that the concrete monster is the embodiement of his inner self, damaged by a repetitive, mind-numbing dayjob - he has become cold (non-passionate), faceless, and only capable of doing basic things. Notice the dent on the monsters head btw.. Being confronted with this entity, and being unable to accept it, he tries to run, but you can't run from yourself. He becomes detached from normal life (where everybody seems to have similar entities attached to themselves, apparently functioning normally with them) until the point where it destroys him. But his demise does not solve the problem of his "disorder", as the next victim is quickly found.. (a new person will take the job that came free with his death): The concrete is cold and incapable of showing any emotion... it's just going through the motions.

Seing the images used, the disorder is quickly associated with typical corporate culture - could this film be culture related criticism? I think so... It's hard to miss actually ;)

Wow, Pup...that really seems to nail it for me. I think you've got it! Thanks! Unfortunately, that's kinda where I am with my job at present! Maybe, on a subliminal level, that's why this appealed to me so! Notice how all the co-workers at his job are also trying diligently to ignore their own tormentors, but are clearly disturbed! And no one is able to muster the courage to say anything about it.....how familiar! (sigh)
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An ending !
Been watching this again, and reading the views, tis indeed a weird one.
I've come to the conclusion that it's the different layers on which it plays that make it captivating.
I dont think it is deep and meaningful in any way !! Because of the 'amazing' effects used to express the oppressive 'concrete' twenty-first century, there is no room for deep meaning , it's just so 'in your face' and clearly an 'expressed' concept. That they follow, dance, look for their own attention, is a different layer of expression.
As with the 'victim' and later on the 'victims' they don't react like people being followed by animated bits of an Airport, their expression seams to be more concentrated on their own 'guilt' and 'weakness', they are 'feeble'.
As if they are 'forced' to be in that situation, and do nothing to get away.
That he then dreams that he is the 'concrete man' is, with all respects a bit simple, and something the viewer half expects. Then a woman being followed by some design thing off the wall, and another followed by a revolving message board and a child with dragging feet being followed by a tormented statue! No I don't see deep meaning, I see clear meaning, but done so exceptionally well.
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