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#16July 10th, 2012 · 03:11 PM
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I was thinking, I know that the ins and outs of bandamps workings and not workings have been the subject of alot of debate over the years so I won't talk too much. It's just about this one little issue. If we can't fix the source script to solve this problem, could we at least have a message or warning that comes up prior to uploading a song, explaining that you can only upload mp3s to Bandamp with the right iD3 tags (tell them how easy it is) and give links to freeware (including, but maybe not limited to AIMP)?

I just think this problem will put some people off uploading and being active members. I'm sure we'd all like to see more activity around here. It seems so much slower compared to when I first joined and I don't think it's because there are better sites out there. This is one of the best, mainly because of the long serving active members who create the welcoming community feel, but also because the layout and look, the simple way the forum is organised etc. Just as an afterthought, what do you have to type into google apart from "bandamp" to get bandamp reasonably high up... I can't remember how I first found the site.. 
#17July 11th, 2012 · 07:29 AM
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Good idea!
Is there soemone who has the knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)? I don't know much about it. But what I know is that it needs changings on the frontpage, keywords in  tags or . It uses alternative text of image tags and it needs

When I stumbled upon bandamp.com in 2005 I was looking in Google with keywords like "mp3 free download". Today I get 528.000.000 results and Bandamp does NOT appear in the first 100 results.

What do you think about how Bandamp could be described by keywords? Which keywords could be used?

Back to ID3 tags.... 
On the first look I realized that there ARE several error messages included but I can't see why the message has not been triggered. I can send you the class which is in use to find out why it refuses bad formatted MP3 files without sending an error message
#18July 14th, 2012 · 06:19 AM
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I know nothing about SEO but when I posted my last comment I was searching "creating music forum", "home made music forum", "amatuer music forum", even "music advice forum"... nothing on the first few pages. Those are the types of words that I associate with bandamp... It would be interesting to see what others think.

If I can help TK, I will. You can send me anything but you'll probs need to tell me what to do or what i'm looking at
#19July 14th, 2012 · 06:41 AM
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A handful ideas for keywords :

musicianīs community
music collaboration
music forum
music platform
independant music
indie music
music community
music upload
free music
free download
free upload
Creative commons
mp3 upload / download
music theory forum
recording forum
video forum
#20July 14th, 2012 · 10:37 AM
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I seem to think I came across bandamp through a button banner ... but I dont know where that was, it could have been on Mudcube. But it was a year later before I started taking part.

Open any forum page a look down the subjects ... these are the things that people are looking for.

Try Fruity Loops Tutorials ... probably one of our most prised contributors

Apparently search engines dont really consider the 'keyword' list at the top of the code, not since porn sites abused them years ago ... or was it people who put porn keywords on pages with no porn, just to get hits

Whatever words you use make sure they make sense with the rest of the site.
I believe Google works on the bases that a page must be 'correct' : keywords that match content, code that validates, no keywords in 'small' type or in hidden divs
#21July 14th, 2012 · 02:45 PM
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So that allows me to put porn keywords on Bandamp just to pull people on the site....????  how cool is that...
#22July 20th, 2012 · 12:58 AM
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I've been having trouble with uploading as well. I'm using firefox. I've looked at some of your guys info but before I tried any of it I first tried using internet explorer and Tada! suddenly worked. Didnt have to encode or tag anything. Maybe it was just luck but try using it.
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