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heyyyyyy      hello, I need some friend who tellme how I can put my songs here,because I have no experience,if someone can tell me what kind of program or software I need to make my own music and put it here, sorry about my inexperience,
but I need some help.....thank you

my adress mail is        ashary_elizabeth@hotmail.com
#2July 4th, 2006 · 02:41 PM
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a bit of help
try this link:


and also come bak 2 this site and this message regularly

dont be blinded by science...

find a friend or someone at work or school who might allready be using their computer 2 make/record music......... and talk 2 them!!!!!!
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thank you for your recomendation
I really gonna do that,
and I hope you like my songs, let me take the program and I´m still ready to display my job
#4October 1st, 2006 · 12:54 PM
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En este sitio hay algunos artículos interesantes acerca de cómo empezar a grabar con poco dinero (revisa el foro).  Personalmente, no he gastado un solo peso en equipo (excepto por la computadora, claro); pero yo hago música electrónica.  De cualquier modo, te recomiendo un programa que se llama Audacity.  Es gratis y te sirve para grabar instrumentos externos (guitarra, micrófono, etc) de una forma fácil y en modalidad multipista, o sea que puedes ir grabando "capa por capa" de tu canción.  Lo único que tienes que hacer es encontrar el modo de conectar tus instrumentos al "Line-in" de tu computadora. Así hice yo mi primer canción que subí: http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/1287.html Sólo conecté mi guitarra y un teclado casio.  Para hacer las partes de batería se pueden bajar también algunos programas gratis, dependiendo del género de música que quieras hacer. Para música electrónica, está el Hammerhead, y para rock, blues, jazz, y otros, está uno que se llama Acoustica Beatcraft, que usan muchos miembros de este sitio.

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Translation.. For those who don't Habla Espanol
on this site there are some interesting articles about how to begin to record with little money (If you review the forums). Personally, I have not spent a single Dollar for equipment (except for the computer,to be clear); but I make electronic music. Any way, I recommend a program to you that is called Audacity. It is free and it serves you to record external instruments (guitar, microphone, etc) Easily and i it multitracks, that is that you can  record "layer by layer" to your song. The only thing that you must do is to find the way to connect your instruments to "Line-in" of your computer. Thus I did my first song that I posted: http://forum.bandamp.com/Audio_Review/1287.html I only connected my guitar and a Casio keyboard . In order to make the parts of the song, some programs can be downlaoded free also, depending on the sort of music that you want to do. For electronic music, it is Hammerhead, and for rock, blues, jazz, and others, is one that is called Acoustica Beatcraft, that many members of this site use.

    Translation by:
              Jimk with the Assistance of Babelfish..
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hey thanks Jim.. I somehow missed the public sense of this thread. Actually took it as a PM really 
So, my apologies and thanks for the translation 

EDIT: When it says (in the english transaltion)  that "In order to make the parts of the song"... in spanish it says "in order to do the drum parts of the song"
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Hey girl, are you still into making music?
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