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Cymru (Wales)
If I were to turn to you
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If I were to turn to you
And say that all you do is beautiful
Is beautiful
Would you then turn to me
And tell me that you can see
That all we do is beautiful

If I ever turn to you
And tell you that it is true
We are together
Would you then turn to me
And tell me that you will be
All youíve ever dreamed

All Right

If I ever turn to you
And tell you that Iím blue
Would you be there for me
Would you then turn my way
And tell me that itís ok
To be free

Itís so beautiful
To be free
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These are very nice lyrics! Very contemplative and interesting because the line "To be free" can be taken many different ways. I like lyrics that make you wonder and think about what the writer was shooting for, and all the different ways it can be applied. So very cool. At first glance this could look like a simple 'love song' but upon closer look it may be about someone who is actually doubting the relationship, hoping that she would do the things that he asks but maybe in reality its not that way at all, so in this fantasy question scenario the man has made up he asks if its okay to be free, and she replies yes. It's so beautiful to be free.

Or maybe I'm completely wrong. and that's just one way to take it. But I like thinking about it. great job kings!!!
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