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Stories we tell (lyrics)
Stories we tell

There’s a man who sits down in the corner
He used to be “someone”
He used to mix it with the rich and the famous
Now he likes to drink alone
He thinks about all the things that he’s done
And the good times he had
All the crazy deals and schemes that he won
And the one deal that went bad

There’s a girl that we all know and love
Did you know, she’s done time
She used to walk on the wild side of life
Now she toes the line
Inside it seems either learn to swim or drown
So she changed her ways
Now the paragon of a perfect live
You’d always think she’d been that way

Not every life has its secrets
Not everybody has a story to tell
So many people, so many lives
In this soap-opera world.

And there’s the guy used to work behind the bar
Disappeared one day
No one really knows where or when he went
Or if he ran away
But I think he won the lottery
Doesn’t have to serve drinks any more
Not a worry, not a care.


We make up stories every day about the people that we see
But have you ever heard the things that they say about you
And about me

How about the couple comes in here now and then
The perfect pair
But they met on the world-wide-web
Internet affair
She grew up in a poor land
He was lonely, he was shy
She had to find a way to save herself
And he seems like the perfect guy.

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It seems like a great Music.
Have you completed its recording!!
#3January 29th, 2012 · 04:09 PM
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Lostprin - yes this recording was completed some time back, and posted on this site Stories we tell.
It's not a perfect recording in any way, but it's not bad!
#4February 8th, 2012 · 02:53 PM
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lostprin36 wrote…
It seems like a great Music.
Have you completed its recording!!
Nice subtle bit of spam there boyo!

Jim I know the song subject .... it's the bit where she drives off in the biggest 4x4 his money can buy that gets me every time ..... 

That we are all sad and lonely somewhere is true ... but that we're all joined at the hip, but so few realise it ... now that's a shame    
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