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Cymru (Wales)
If I was you
This goes with this  

If I was you Id turn around and walk away
Do now what the wise man say
Even though, I know
She is everything that makes this day

If I was you Id give it up and let it go
Go find your self the one you used to know
Even though, I know
It is easily as impossible as she

If I was you Id run and hide
Listen to that voice inside
But as you know, theres nowhere to go
When it is here she cried

If I was you Id just let them lie, and let it be
I hear them still say to me
But all along, it is this song that drives me on
As it is only here, that she cant get me wrong

If I was you, Id do all that I could, Id do what I should,
Id reach for the skies
Light up the stars, in their eyes.
Id take you home
Through the illusions and lies
And take you home
Where love cries
If I was you, If I was you.
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