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Track Folders
more explanations. 
 Mixing drums can be a pain staking endeavor.  Even with track folders.  But using folders with proper muting techniques can improve this a lot.  simply mute all other folders except the one you want to work with ei DRUMS

I expand my drums with all the other track folders muted.  Then let's say i need to solo a hi hat for some anomaly
while the drums are all playing. I can solo the hi hat, it mutes the rest of the tracks ( the ones left in the drum folder, as all other tracks are muted by the Track Folder mute they reside in).  I listen to the hi hat , fix the problem, unmute the hi hat track ,, bam back to listening to only the drums folder again... not the whole mix.

Another aspect.. loop base recording.. multiple tracks that need to be moved into several locations within a song.. load them into a track folder , make proper edits, then copy  and paste the track folder  to the other locations within the song. Providing you've made the correct edits before hand.

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