#1November 1st, 2006 · 02:16 PM
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hey....to every1,

well guys and gals i'm in need of some help with FL studio,
i've been dealin with FL studio from the past 1 yr...but still dosen't got any hold on it.....i mean i jus can't learn it ......i did made some beats with it but i wanna do better and for tht i knw i gotta have some knwledge abt VST plugins and mixer effects but i don't have any knwledge abt it wat so ever. i jus want to make some good beats.........ok u got me....not jus good beats but some pro. beats to make a song.....as i love to rap i want to make much more out of it by gettin my talent with my own beats, i mean if u'll have ur own song thn ur said to be origial, true isn't it.......so i would really appreatiate if u guys and gal could help me out here. i'm more interested in online classes so tht i could learn it better. if u'll help me practically thn it will be a lill easy for me to understand it, wht i mean is keep dictating me the steps to make a song...u guys choose any song u would like me to make which includes some professional things like VST-plugins, mixer effects and the most important, the things tht i don't knw in FL studio,

so plzzz if any1 could teach me thn i'll be really thnkfull to you, i jus wanna do something in the feild of music and make my dream come true......

and else is up to guys, to help me achive my goal....
jus a humble request to all of u.....

in the end i need some HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPP................

  - DOE
#2November 1st, 2006 · 05:08 PM
#3November 1st, 2006 · 05:10 PM
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hum... Just seen you've already saw the tutorials
#4November 2nd, 2006 · 02:17 PM
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The problem is....
when it comes to FL studio, there are no real lessons or tutorials that can help you.... it's really a trial and error sort of thing.... I mean, importing samples and such is easy... and that is how you get the better "pro" beats, is importing pro sounding drum samples, and using those to create your beats....  Plus in order to teach you how to use FL, as in a full online course, it would be so very time conduming, w eare talking more than a couple half hour conversations... but like a couple hours a day, for weeks to really get you making pro stuff.... most people who use FL took the time and played with it, on their own, and figured it out... FL is pretty intuitive, and fairly simple to navigate....

    I personally have FL, and use it sometimes.... but I am by far no expert on it, and I could not help you much... you already are doing better with it than I am, judging by your samples.... I just simply don't really have the time and patience to sit down and mess with it... And, I really am trying to learn guitar and Bass, as I just began playing.. and this is my real passion.... 

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