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ULI wrote…
One may love FR systems or one can hate it. But there�s nothing in between.
I�m 2. category. A chap owns an expencive Ibi US Model. Veeery rare. Is an old git but has cost ~ 3000DM at that time. I played it and was rather dissapointed about the tone. Somehow "soulless". git looked wonderful, best hardware etc.  This construction doesn�t support a wooden tone or a long, sweet sustain.
And when I have to dig out srewdrivers and suchlike. for stringchange......................UUUuuuuaaaahhh. Horror.
I�d never change my cheap SA for his expensive noble git.
This is just my personal experience.

The best might be , you check a FR-git in your fav store. . You are the only one, denis, who can decide.

Yes always try before you buy, I think a lot of it is luck every guitar is unique since it's not carved form the same wood. I'm so out of touch with things, i thought it would be could to get every ones opinions before I go marching off to the stores, even though there are far and few between where live on the northern outer edge, would need to take a trip to central London, but then I'm still not guaranteed to find many lefties. One of my best buys was the electro acoustic I bought for only £55.00, the tone is  getting better by the month, the action is not great, but I've adjusted the nut and it's not too bad.
And in the UK there are limited lefties available, so you see if i get a good deal and I don't like it I can always sell it on.
Thanks U.L.I. for your active interest, you have been of great help
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