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At the moment I have a Creative Sound Blaster Live card in the back of my pc with a front panel for Aux, Midi, Line-in, Mic, SPDIF, optical and headphones....the things ....WOW!.... 10 years old. lol I had it installed in my first pc.
And it's been in every pc I've had since then, with the XP compatible software update from Creative it does me fine for the little I record these days......
I'm now looking further.... just started this thread

The Motu Ultralite is a "Firewire External Audio Interface", I want to connect it to a new motherboard which incidentally already has a firewire port.
The other options are cards like http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Delta1010LT.html , as you can see the m-audio card has all the I/O cables connected to it.

I think you've already sussed your problem, that you need your PC/software to recognise multiple channels so you can effect / mix them separately in your Editor/Audio Station....yes?

With an external card like the Motu firewire system you can control each channel from the box itself, and most of them can 'effect' each channel with DSP (?)(up to 500 pre-sets) which has near to zero latency according to most product sites.
These channels you send to your PC/Mac via firewire.
I take it all products have software to install on your system that relays each channel through the ASIO or WinMedia layer to your Logic / Cubase / Ableton etc.
With a built in card you use the supplied cables and connect your I/O's to the back. The cards software does the rest.
I'm just looking into this myself and have not yet bought a new card.....but I think it's what your asking.
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