#1April 7th, 2007 · 10:53 PM
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Collab thread in the pit.
I was thinking about starting a thread in the pit where people can place collab requests all in the one place, rather than waiting for someone browsing the pit who is looking for the exact thing they're offering. As in, someone might be looking to add guitar to the song, and someone might feel like doing a collab can go to that thread and think- "hey, that sounds like my style, sure I'll do that".
I know people have discussed a thread where people post their collabs separate from other audio's, so, why not have a thread looking to start collabs with maybe a "log on to chat at so and so time to discuss further, or PM me if you are interested, etc etc."

So, I was thinking of starting a thread, and see if people like the idea and will make use out of it.

I'll start the thread now and post a link a bit later.


#2April 8th, 2007 · 06:32 AM
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Collab thread
WB, you know I find this a good idea! As I am one of those people who would love to see a Collab Review thread in the Forums.
I will say that I think your 'going for half measure', and to be honest with you I don't blame you, but I do think we should be 'going for gold' and just get a proper official thread in the forums!
I nearly started a thread about this point again last week but decided not to because it has been discussed already and every one keeps on takes the 'easy way out' by saying "OK it's alright as it is then".
I still sincerely believe this site needs a Collab Review in the Forums because of the very reasons WB mentions above. People looking for collaborations want completely different reactions/reviews compared to people with 'Battle Ready Song' !
Collaboration Posts are a 'First Steps' while Song Reviews are 'Last Steps' and chucking them all under one heading/forum is simply illogical and not user friendly.
Members who want to review songs must go through all the 'noodles' and 'ideas' just to get to the good 'songs'.....illogical and not user friendly!
Members who are looking for 'ideas' and collaborations have to search through Sooo many finished songs that is not only tiring and off-putting it is also.......illogical and not user friendly!

WB thank you yet again for coming up with yet another good idea and for starting another good thread!

As yet another 'half measure' maybe PX, slasherX or JimK can at least make it a 'sticky' thread, that is for it it to 'Stay Stuck' at the top of the list!
I'm just trying to be logical and user friendly!
#3April 8th, 2007 · 10:06 PM
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Sticky thread.
I started the thread: Classifieds (Collab Requests)- here: http://forum.bandamp.com/The_Pit/49005.html

As for the sticky thread, Jimk had this to say on the other thread:
JimkDaAdtman wrote…
Unfortunately, we don't have sticky thread options....
I dunno how these things work, but I guess if it's not stuck and a small number of members use the thread without getting anywhere, it won't sit up top of the forum, because interest is low, but, see how it goes, maybe one of the mods can have an "official" thread based from the concept I posted, which would probably generate more interest.

Also, another point for the subject, you might have the opportunity to collab with different people, other than someone you talk to on chat, or someone who knows your music well, I should think that if there's interest, it would bring the sense of community even tighter.

#4April 9th, 2007 · 06:17 AM
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no need to classify in collab songs or searching for.....
but we had this discussion
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