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Recruitment Etc
We have been chatting in our chat room for a while tonight and a couple of us had some ideas to discuss.
The site has 1500 or so members and there are far from that active. Two things need to be done in my opinion.
1) Recruit-this is the harder of the two

I will start with 2) cus I am backwars like that:
Re-recruit: We need to send a mass mail to all members of the Amp. Let them know what is going on on the amp and that we look forward to seeing them soon...and that we expect great things to come here. We want them to be a part of that.
That should bring curiosity to them to check out the site again and maybe post a song or review...or even jsut say hi again.

Now I list 1) second because it is a bit complex and long lol. Lemme see if I can remember. There are some controversial things here, but I say them with a reason. Read through before judging.

Step 1: Upload more videos to YouTube. Submit songs without video to me. I will do my best to make images for them that will promote your song well and the Amp.
    Reasoning: Once more songs are on the page, I can start really promoting all over youtube, getting more views and other popular pages directing people to us. Youtube could be a great tool for attracting people to our community. It only attracts them if we are showing up as an active group of members on our channel. Popular Youtube channels have launched careers, why not launch someone's career that is from the Amp?!

Step 2:  Use the increased YouTube traffic and increased BandAmp membership to attract advertisers. I know I know. Some people do not like that.
     Reasoning: Step 3 is to advertise on Facebook to draw more members. This is costly but extremely effective. To pay for a short advertising campaign on facebook, we would need to allow advertisements to be on our site for a time. This time would be limited...I do have an exit strategy from this. Also, advertisers would be selected carefully to be only of what interests someone that would visit our site. Such things as guitar companies and music editing software.

Step 3: Advertise on FaceBook and create a FaceBook account. Keep the page active with comments and so on. Get as many members to join as possible. Remember there are more active members to join because of the re-recruiting via mass mail and recruiting from Youtube. This advertising would be very pointed advertising that would attract new musicians and even bands working the pubs etc.

Step 4: Once the advertising campaign is about 3 quarters done, it is time to start talking to some potential sponsors.
       Reasoning: By this time, our traffic should have increased very much. This makes our site more attractive for potential sponsors. Sponsors could be guitar or other musical equipment manufacturers or any other thing that has to do with what this site is. We would go to them and offer them sole advertising on the site. And that would mean all other adverts would disappear and a single tasteful logo would appear indicating sponsorship from a company. No banners etc, just one logo somewhere on the screen. This sponsor would need to agree to provide prizes and so on for the members. T-shirts, hats, other items...who knows probably way better things too. It all depends on the success of the site. The more site activity, the bigger the sponsorship...this means better prizes for the battle.

Step 5) The Battle. Gotta get something going. Probably sooner than this step lol. But this is where it is now. I am sure I dont need to say much except that this is a vital part of the Amp and would be a great tool for recruiting. An ASAP item for sure!

Step 6) Once there is enough exposure to this site, then it is time to take the show on the road. Start community initiatives to promote new musicians. Say if there are 4 members in New York, do a small concert with all new bands from the area...perhaps a battle of the bands to be held in a bar. This could be done easily enough. Also, would get great press for the amp. The main thing though, is it brings attention to our members and perhaps a better chance at success. Every bit helps!

So really the flow of growing this site:
YouTube Success
Battle fixed
Advertisements on our site
Advertise on Facebook
Make Facebook page
Get a permanent sponsor
Get into the Community
Most important: Keep active!

This may seem a bit over optimistic...but it all depends on the members of the Amp. It CAN be done. It will not be a cakewalk of course. This site has tremendous potential to be a household name. Why not?

If we even double our active member count...that would be huge. I don't mean the one listed with people with one post or more. I would like to see a real count of how many were active with a post in the last 3 months. More active members...more inspiration and real feedback. More fun.

I am willing to do all I can to get things shaking. But it does need discussion and it does need some individuals to step forward and make a commitment to making this site THE site for aspiring musicians.

I will leave the floor open.

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Man, this is just really good. It's summarizes all what we talked about in the chat room.
I really like your attitude and your willingness to make this site even better.
Let's see what the rest of the people thinks. Where are the boundaries and limits for this whole plan, and which are the thing that could actually work.
It's all about discussing it here.

               > Iszil
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United Kingdom
Superb mate.
My suggestion is work out a plan so we can deal with one thing at a time, hopefully you will get enough of us to support you.
I'll do what I can.
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this is awesome dude! your organizational skills and your ideas are really awesome. only flaw i see in the plan is it (re)-recruiting some "unwelcome" members

Aside from my stupid streak of bad humor...i think this is a great idea. Discuss it forth we shall!
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Denis wrote…
Superb mate.
My suggestion is work out a plan so we can deal with one thing at a time, hopefully you will get enough of us to support you.
I'll do what I can. ;)

Exactly. Basically things need to be well planned. Done in very thought out phases. It is fine to say, 'I will do this'. It is another matter to lay out plans and details. The 'how will I do this' and the 'when do I do this' and also the 'who will do this' aspects of the whole equations are what will ensure a chance of success. When planning a phase of evolution in BandAmp all these things need to be clear. People have to know exactly what their part of it is and how to execute. There are many people here with varied talents that can be put to excellent use.
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I can get started on making a BandAmp Facebook page.  What should I use for a picture for the page?  The regular Bandamp logo?  Should I be the one making this?  Who's in charge of this stuff?  You guys should also have a Bandamp twitter page too!
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woot 100 posts
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this already works for members not logged on for one year

I just start this routine once a month or so. Only 1 or 3 members are in the list. I never checked their login status after being reminded. But it works...
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