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#16November 12th, 2007 · 01:53 AM
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I knew making that statement would have such an impact

Anyway, I'm seing plentiful valid arguments. I'd like to stress out that a programmer who is also board member could, for some reason, consider himself more important than the others, which ofcourse would have a completely disastrous effect on the functioning of both the board and the programming team. I'm not saying that it will happen, but it could. Maybe call it the effect of becoming "too involved" - for anyone to do a job right, one needs to be able to view ones own work from a distance, to step back and see how it holds, in all it's aspects.

Anyway, the decisions of the board need to be agreed on by every last one on the board to get through. Agreed about having a programmer's view on the decisions. But it's not like the board meetings will take place in secrecy, ofcourse the programmers should be present and share their views! Essentially, this gives them an equal status in regards to the decision making of site upgrades. The only difference I see is that the board should also work on the more business end of running the site, while the programmers should be mainly focused on the code ie. the technical side. Thus, some things being discussed by the board may be of no interest to the programmers (unless it concerns everyone else on bandamp aswell), just like some things being discussed by the programmers will be of no interest to the board. But again, everyone on the site can share their ideas on every last thing about the site, it's course, it's setup, it's layout... So where are the strict limits to ones function, anyway?

So in the end, no-one has to worry about being a brainless drone, it won't be like that at all. No one has to worry about their views (and their votes!) not being heard, or being made to do things they don't want to. And about the payment, well that's another issue we will have to have a board meeting about...
#17December 1st, 2007 · 10:36 PM
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hey why dont we use the sister site of bandamp.us to makeout any changes and cleanup the code!!! it would be like a test site if you will!!! that way we could make changes see what happens then come to the original amp and do it in here!!! or you could paste the code and clean it up over there and then paste the new code here!!! i mean it makes sense but idk if kings will be willing to part with his site since it does look rather awesome!!!
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