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BandAMP Music Video Collab
I started the above thread at the start of the new year - a bandAMP music video collaboration project of "Imagine" (John Lennon).

I've  now recorded various backing tracks so you can all get working on this exciting project - All those who have commented in the above thread have been PM'd with a link today to download the audio files.

This is open to all bandAMP members - so if you want to join in go on the above thread, I'll send you the audio files link - Don't delay, do it now or you will miss out. I would like everyone to sing or at least say something, plus play an instrument, if you can play one that is, any instrument you like.

Are there any drummers out there with an acoustic kit rigged up for recording? I would love to have real drums on this - How cool would that be.

This is going to be so cool - Don't delay... be part of this exciting project!
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