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#31May 20th, 2012 · 05:26 PM
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Yo, this becomes quite an interesting interchange of ideas, CdeT.

CdeT wrote…
just call it like I see it.  "Creative Commons" to me is the same as saying, "I don't believe I can make money from my music," and ultimately, "I don't know how to market my music."]

I guess it is a misunderstanding that CC means the same that an artist MUST give his music away for free or isnīt able to earn money. I can sell my music on CD baby as well as on Zimbalam, restorm, jamendo, netlabels and and and.....
CC just means that an artist doesnīt depend on collectors societies. Iīm everytime free to decide what happens with my music and how it may be used .Also I can always change my attribution.
If Iīd join german GEMA i.e. Iīd loose many rights in my music and there wouldnīt be any garantee that Iīd participate acceptably from the fees the GEMA dispense . And if Iīd perform my music live Iīd have to pay for my own music.
(Beside of that I donīt perform live).
You see, CC isnīt a "beggarīs option". Itīs just because of more freedom and flexibility.

But I still donīt know If I can upload on your site under CC and just present my stuff without financial interests and big promo action. (donīt wanna become famous, too much stress)
But if itīs yet possible Iīd perhaps try out your site and upload a few trax one day. And Iīm definitely not in rush.  Iīm an old, slow and tired sack. 

CdeT wrote…
Now… okay, you don't like my choice of photo art "silhouette ink with fog" [not 'foto-copy design'!]-- well I like them!  And other artists can place images they like in their Artist Channels once we invite them.  Again, who cares what I do in my Artist Channels, even though I do understand your point that right now mine are the only ones there, so they are setting the current tone.  But imagine if Bob Marley had decided to do this site -- would you tell him to change himself, like cut his dreads to be more appealing to everyone?  OMG -- I think I just heard him laugh out loud from the stage in the sky! ).  Sorry, couldn't help myself!

Hups, about the pics I didnīt wanna attack you, I just tried to reflect my spontanious impression. And we both do (prolly) know about the importance of "the first impression". Our subconscious decides within half a second if we like something (someone) or not. 
Of course I do respect your way you showcase your artist profile as YOU prefer to do.

interchange to be continued.............

#32May 21st, 2012 · 12:13 PM
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Uh, Marino, too late -- already did and "Alas Rotas" (should have copy and pasted - not sure I got the spelling right!) BLEW MY MIND! 

Dude, I'll have to imbibe your stuff in small doses! 

But then I saw why you wrote it -- maybe it's safe to go back in the woods now?! 

I'll get up the courage and go back "in" soon!
#33May 21st, 2012 · 12:41 PM
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Puerto Rico
Sorry about that...Im not a good writer and tend to lean into the dark side..haha!!!!
#34May 21st, 2012 · 01:32 PM
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Wow ULI -- my apologies!  I had heard you had it bad in Germany -- didn't realize how bad! 

I appreciate the additional info. on CC.  Man, I'm glad it is helping you in Germany -- it's does kind of got the "charity" vibe in the States, I guess maybe because we have more rights under the "all rights reserved" copyright. 

I actually don't belong to any collectors here because they have bad vibes, too.  One of them, the head was just taken away in handcuffs, accused of pocketing artists money.  That, and the general public hating them -- I'm staying out of that fray.  It's actually "bad for business," at this point in the States!

If someone wants to license my music, they need to contact me directly.  It's my business, I'll make sure I take care of my own business.  Is it more work for me?  Sure -- but that's business.

I'm not the only one doing it the old-fashioned way -- I see more and more artists in the States doing the same -- "all rights reserved" copyright and "contact the artist" to license.  Again, the internet makes it possible.  It's kinda like, this is my land, I reserve all rights to my land, and if you want to do anything with my land, you'll have to contact me and ask (though we are required by law to grant licenses once compensation is agreed upon and I just go by the standard rates).

Until someone or something gives me good reason to do otherwise -- this is how I'll roll.

I do appreciate you bringing this up -- this is the kind of information/questions I needed in response to my original "marketing research" question.  I need to understand any real and/or perceived obstacles to artists coming on board.

What I hear you saying is you're concerned that you would lose control of how you want to do your music -- "don't want to be famous, etc." coming on the site.

As you might have gathered by now, I'm not one to give up any control of my music, I certainly wouldn't create a site expecting anyone else to.  And I certainly don't want to tell any other artist how to run their music business.

You have complete control (within the guidelines of the Artist Agreement which you can review in "legal.").  If you want to bring your music on (oh, invitation #5 just materialized!  Good stuff, BTW - and you already have, I think two albums out?)  (Oops!  Side note -- forgot to tell Marino -- invitation #6!) and you don't want to sell any sponsorships, only have your music available to music lovers to buy (hmmm, wait you're giving it away -- that DOES put us in new territory.  As you can tell, I'm "write-thinking," hmmm...you need to be CC because of Germany's copyright situation, and I certainly DO want all the artists in the world to be on W-W-W-Music, so I would have to remove the "music for sale" requirement, and keep only the "sounds good" requirement.  I can see, in your case, and other similar cases, this would be necessary -- so...done!  I'll remove the "music for sale" requirement because not all artists in the world can meet it, but I ain't touchin' the "sounds good" audition requirement for nothing and nobody!  How many hours I've wasted on YouTube and MySpace, the torture my ears have had to endure to simply find "in tune" and "in time"!  Just want professional sounding "in tune" and "in time," thank you very much!  Geez, I know that's not too much to ask!) 

See?!  This is the kind of thing I needed -- THANK YOU.  I need to make sure W-W-W-Music is a viable platform for every professional artist in the world, no matter their legal constraints.  If they have access to the internet, I want them to be able to be on this site!

So, where were we, oh, yes -- you can bring your music, tell us you don't want to sell sponsorships, (since we have an approval process for each artist sponsorship, we have you on a "no" list, and tell sponsors, if they attempt to buy an automated sponsorship for you, that you are not available for sponsorship), then you can set up your free Artist Channel with links to your music, whether you choose to sell it on CD Baby or give it away on Jamendo, etc. and we all get to hear your music alongside everyone else (someday -- no rush! )!

Whew!  Okay.  I love learning!  Thanks!  See, you ARE contributing, you ARE improving the site for all of us -- even though I'm not willing to start over "baking the bread," you've just made it possible for more artists to come to the table!   I really appreciate it!
#35May 21st, 2012 · 01:42 PM
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Marino -- are you kidding?!

It was brilliant!  Man I'm so bummed that it came across negative!

I was just so emotionally exhausted at the end because you took me so many places in one song -- and it was so powerful!  So intense... 

I loved it!  I love dark - because it's real.

But it's like a whole life passed before me, dude, in one song -- I'm saying I can only take that intensity in small doses.

Now I realize, because of why you wrote it -- I was intensely feeling everything you were feeling, and maybe it really was a whole life passing before me...yours...

...so powerful...so transporting...you took me with you...can a songwriter ask for anything more?!  That's what it's all about!

So sorry that didn't come across...have I now made myself clear?!
#36May 21st, 2012 · 01:50 PM
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Puerto Rico
Ha...no worries I got what you were saying from the start....No need to apologize you never came across as negative and I'm humbled by your concern...its all good!
#37May 21st, 2012 · 01:50 PM
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ULI -- on the pics, no worries!

I'm just havin' fun with ya, and getting a little territorial about my artist space!

The solution is to have much more variation and more color from more artists -- it'll come, no rush.

I do confess, the fog effect loses some of it's magic for me with smaller pics -- it does look "faded" in small pics rather than like wisps of clouds over the ink silhouettes.  Don't know if I'll just keep the fog in larger pics and take it off in smaller -- I'll see.

I do appreciate your honest impression.
#38May 21st, 2012 · 03:20 PM
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@CdeT : you asked for licensing / registering?  There are some ways to do.
http://www.bandamp.com/ scroll down a bit

Small addition about GEMA : Being Gema-member includes more rights than most artists in germany know.
In the most cases theyīve subscribed contracts which gives all rights to many other parties than the artist himself. Because they donīt (didnīt) know better. Thereīs a couple of opportunities about right-control.
One can keep his rights on his works and decide totally about usage of his music. But also a musician can say: " I donīt wanna have to do something with all that administrative stuff, keep it off fro me."
Many famous artists have started marketing themselves, beside of "industrial rituals". i.e. Robbie Williams.

CC licensed music is very variable.
I can allow or forbit commercial usage.
I can allow or forbit changing my my music (remix, soundtrack etc) CC-ND (no derivats)
I can allow usage and sharing under same licence (CC-SA) i.e. youtube.

You see, any state under CC is possible. From completly restrictive to full free usage.

More and more artists worldwide are using such flexible license constructs for more freedom (for artists AND users), not only in germany.

So, CdeT, perhaps you may think about that topic for your own music. Because you would expand your possibilities to spread your own music on more than your own site. Using such platforms as bandamp, , restorm, soundcloud and others, you have the benefit from  a reflecting communinty, of using the "viral principle", spreading your links of your own site and the music on all platforms.

Ok, Cd, why donīt you upload right here some of YOUR songs, so that you can receive first reflections, comments , improval advices, tipps etc.
Iīd be quite glad about new music uploads by you. So feel invited and encourged to do so.


P.S. Tnx a lot for "tons" of ya reviews. Reading such words is worth more than money................imo  
#39May 22nd, 2012 · 09:36 PM
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ULI - have so much to do, can't believe I'm on here right now!

Yeah, I'm not looking for CC licensing or registry -- thanks, but no thanks.  To each his own.

Honestly, I confess I don't "work" and "re-work" my music -- I just "listen" and do what I "hear" and "feel," I record live with no editing, send the songs out to fly and hope they're a blessing, then move on. 

But -- lookin' forward to hearin' more of you all! 

I've got one more Sunday I know I can carve out to listen, then don't know after that, 'cause things are getting so crazy! 

So, I'll definitely make the most of this Sunday -- I'm gonna go into "browse" mode -- look at some genres, and I definitely want to throw some love to the ladies on bandamp so I'll be scouting out the girls, too!

Keep makin' more of that wonderfully rich, textured music, dude!
#40June 20th, 2012 · 01:41 PM
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Well I joined your site and was surprised that your activiation email was sent straight into the spam folder. It seems your site is spam listed.
I looked for a tiny button to upload my music to spread my music there. Somewhat disappointed now I thought by myself why joining a music site where I cannot upload my work?
#41June 20th, 2012 · 05:44 PM
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Welcome Triton Keyboarder!
I saw your registration!  So happy to have you join me!  Did you receive my response to how to upload yet?

We ended up in your spam?  Hmmm, haven't heard that from any Music Lovers who have registered.  Thanks for letting us know -- we'll look into it!

As far as uploading:

The short version for an invited Artist (as stated in a previous post and our FAQs):

2)use our "Contact-Artist" form to tell us your PayPal email and your main genre and send
3)we'll activate you as an Artist and email you within 24 hrs
4) login, upload, set-up your Artist Channel

You're right, we don't have an upload button for anyone who registers like other music sites.  W-W-W-Music is by invitation only so we have to have an Artist Activation process -- to protect your music, protect sponsors and protect Music Lovers' ears!

You've done the first step -- we just need the info in the 2nd step from you so we can activate you as an Artist.

As soon as we get all the Artists on W-W-W-Music, then all the Music Lovers will come listen -- then all the sponsors will follow!

Can't wait!

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions!


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