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#16April 28th, 2012 · 03:45 PM
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I like your spirit
Stick around bandAMP make some comments on some songs and start a thread on something. Hendrix perhaps.
Good luck
#17April 30th, 2012 · 12:56 PM
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Thanks, Denis.  I will!
#18May 13th, 2012 · 04:08 PM
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re: Thanks!
CdeT wrote…
Thanks, Denis.  I will!
You have indeed taken time out to comment on my songs, you have an artistic imaginative mind in the the way you write.
Why don't you start a thread on something abou music, something you are passionate about, I'd be interested in what you write.
Stick around
#19May 14th, 2012 · 09:48 PM
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Wow...  "Artistic imaginative mind" -- thanks!  I was just writing what each song makes me feel... 

Had a wonderful Sunday traipsing around Bandamp listening...hmmm, start a thread...perhaps...but listening is like eating chocolate all day without the consequences!
#20May 16th, 2012 · 04:49 AM
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Thank you for the invite and for reviewing my songs
Sadly I will have to decline it for the time being
I've just signed recently a publishing deal and for the moment at least have to be exclusive to them
I will keep a close eye on your project though and if there's any changes in my situation will start a profile
All the best

The singer's name is Beccy
She's been travelling around south America for the past 8 months so we haven't done anything lately but she's due back next month
Hopefully lots of latino inspired tracks on the way
#21May 16th, 2012 · 12:07 PM
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Congratulations Vincent!  I can't get that bossa in french out of my head -- more, more! 

BTW - Artist Labels and Publishers are welcome to create free Artist Channels for their artists.  Artists have chosen to sign with labels/publishers -- that's good enough for me.  It all works the same whether you're signed or not.

Can't wait to hear more of Beccy and you!
#22May 17th, 2012 · 07:15 AM
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Yes, thanks for the reviews ... I was like ... Wha...? and then like ... Wow... and then like ... Waw!

You do seem to be still the sole artist on your site .... what if you would have started with a clean sheet ? An empty space as such ... one or two songs of your own ... maybe, but a place that people get the feeling they are contributing to and creating ... as compared to adding to someone elses 'booth' .... like you said before you are already on the box ... is there really space for more ... yes you say ... I have a BIG box .. a! but do artists want to stand on someone elses box or would they rather a place they can go 'hey here's me on my box' ?

And then when they are all brought together you have a platform ... different heights and different sizes,
but one just the same.
All called and calling
With one name .....

#23May 17th, 2012 · 02:41 PM
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Hi CdeT,
I just browsed your site a bit. Not much goin´on by now, sadly. Tho you offer some nice features to create an individual artist page (nusic, pics, vids, history.....etc...) it seems not many musicians do know your site.
The past few years a quasi-explosion of  musicsites, licensing providers, netlabels, radios happened in the internet. Many musicians try to create own sites and services to make themselves and others heard, to provide alternatives to the established music industry. The prob is, meanwhile there are zillions of suchlike sites and so they´re going under in the "deep blue sea" .

In case of your site I have a question and a suggestion :

Question : I saw that you´re publishing under "all rights reseved"  license /attribution. But I´ve published my albums under a less restrictive licemse "some rights reserved"  which is creative commons and individual attribution on a handful platforms. By now I wasn´t interested in commercial distribution of my music. Is it possible to use your site without commercial interests as sponsorship or similar under CC-license ?

Suggestion : First impression is important. . When I saw your avatar in fotocopy-design, it detered me slightly.
Honestly not much attractive. If you have the option to replace these pics by coloured, it might invite peops to stay a lil longer.
You could also upload your stuff on other platforms / communities, spreading your links and make yourself heard.
That can cause something like a "boomerang-effect",  viral principle, yunno? So can everyone profit from each other and try to survive in the "deep blue sea".

Yo, were just some thoughts...................

#24May 17th, 2012 · 07:27 PM
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Cdet...Welcome on board..Seen your post and obviously the time spent in listening and reviewing!!!!...Hope you will stay!!!!
#25May 18th, 2012 · 08:56 AM
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I really do like your enthusiasm in reviewing some member's tracks. Go ahead, Bandamp needs people like you and probably you need people like Bandamp's members (on your site?) !
Can I help you anyway?
#26May 20th, 2012 · 01:36 PM
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Whew!  Thank God it's Sunday!  Thanks for the comments all!  As for listening -- my pleasure -- I'm going to hurry up and answer you each -- then I'm off to listen to more!  Life has gotten really crazy lately, so it's my only chance!

K - ummm ... kings you were next -- sounds like a great idea -- why don't you make that site and we'll all come visit! 

There is no one else on mine but me because no one else has yet been invited, [except, I believe four of you, which wasn't originally my intention --  I couldn't help myself because I got so excited listening -- you guys are good!].  You crack me up!  If I'm the only one on the site, then I'm the only one you're going to see on the site, until there is someone else!

I finished "beta" testing, then, if you remember, I posted here [and four other musician forums -- kudos to all of you, while I can see musicians have come to check out the site from the other forums, Triton Keyboarder was the first to respond, and you all followed] two "marketing research" questions: 1) what do you think of the concept of the site -- music sponsorship and 2) what questions would you still have as musicians that I haven't answered on the site in order to participate.  Since no one has addressed those two questions, I am assuming the concepts are clear. 

Most of what I've heard about is look and feel [which is right now locked in with the pre-made software until I can have a Steve Wozniak], my "photo art," Artist Channel content and my copyrights, etc!  Who cares?!  What I'm doing on my Channel or with my copyrights [I'll address your points Uli in a sec] has nothing to do with what any other artist can do with their Artist Channel, etc. [as long as it meets the artists agreement]!

We are still in marketing research -- finishing touch mode -- actual marketing has not yet begun, and won't until we're ready.  And I'm in no rush!  In order for a site to remain "by artists [okay, one artist -- so even more] for artists," slow is good. 

Honestly, what's the rush, kings?! Chill out, dude!  Did you channel Jim Morrison's moodiness along with his voice?   

I can do my sponsorships regardless.  I could have created a site just for myself, but I thought it'd be more fun [and beneficial] for all to open it up!  Ever heard of CD Baby? 

If someone contacts us at this stage, we'll assess it -- but we are not yet contacting anyone.  Like after I posted my questions to the forums, I got an email from a hollywood film studio senior vp -- I researched them and it looks like they are trying to move into being a record label for the artists doing their film music [I won't name any names].  I called the guy, but didn't catch him, emailed him and he wouldn't converse in email and wanted to talk on the phone [can't help it -- my "weirdo radar" went off]...

Anyway, I'll give marketing the green light when when we're ready to.  Breathe in, blow out...everything is peachy!

K...there you go kings...still love, love, love your music!
#27May 20th, 2012 · 04:14 PM
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Now…ULI, thanks so much for taking the time to visit the site, I really appreciate it!  Can't wait to hear your music as soon as my fingers are done flying here.

Yeah, see above for the "not well known yet…" Not yet ready.

You are so right, so many music sites!  Does it make you as dizzy as it does me?

Now… "Creative Commons" [oh wow!  just had a dejá vu!  Does that ever happen to anyone else?  I must have addressed this in a dream sometime already!]

Hope you don't mind -- I just call it like I see it.  "Creative Commons" to me is the same as saying, "I don't believe I can make money from my music," and ultimately, "I don't know how to market my music."

Sorry.  But that just makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and an involuntary "eek" escapes my throat!

I admit, it's a reflex after my day job being business development for 30 odd years!

"All you need to be 'ordained' an artist is an audience" is my mantra -- [yes I made it up] -- and if you can attract an audience, you can and deserve to make a living -- not a pittance -- a LIVING with your music!

The whole point of why I'm viewing my music business from a different paradigm then we've had since Elvis and the Colonel -- seeing myself as a pro athlete and music sponsorship as my business model -- is because I truly believe that!

The Elvis model has run it's course, thanks to the internet -- we will still have superstars [hopefully -- it's fun!] but we can now have more artists making a living, making more music then we've ever had in history, on their own terms!

Don't ever sell your music short! 

We are Artists often because we can't help it!  It is who we are, we were born to create!  Don't let those who weren't born artists somehow convince you that you should give them your art for free!  Don't let the value of our art in society be turned to zero.  Don't let our own value in society be turned to zero.

If making music was easy, they would make it for themselves instead of expecting you to give them yours for free while you barely get by.  While you work mindless jobs to survive and feed your art for your soul to survive! All art is vital to our humanity!  And when everyone is being honest, everyone knows it.

Just imagine how much richer humanity would be if every artist good enough to draw an audience could make a living!  Just imagine all that music -- even all that art and ideas and innovation! 

As far as I'm concerned, copyright laws are not strict enough!  Yup!  You read right!

Can you imagine a society that told someone their family could own the home or business they built with their bare hands, sweat and tears for only 75 years after they die?  Yet [in the States] that's what copyright law says!  And as I understand it, the US has some of the "best" laws. 

Can you imagine if you told everyone in society that about their labor, set those restrictions?  Why is our labor valued less than anyone else's in society?  What incentive do we have to create or innovate [including inventors here who suffer the same restrictions] when we are told we don't have the same level of rights to own and reap monetary rewards from our labor as everyone else?  Are we creatives, for some invisible reason, supposed to create and just give our labor away out of the goodness of our hearts?

Well, our hearts are good -- but if you have an itch to be altruistic, donate to a charity, or create one.  Don't be one!  It makes absolutely no sense!

Wow!  I'd better step off my soapbox now before I really get going!  Um…yeah, there's my take on "Creative Commons."

Now… okay, you don't like my choice of photo art "silhouette ink with fog" [not 'foto-copy design'!]-- well I like them!  And other artists can place images they like in their Artist Channels once we invite them.  Again, who cares what I do in my Artist Channels, even though I do understand your point that right now mine are the only ones there, so they are setting the current tone.  But imagine if Bob Marley had decided to do this site -- would you tell him to change himself, like cut his dreads to be more appealing to everyone?  OMG -- I think I just heard him laugh out loud from the stage in the sky! ).  Sorry, couldn't help myself!

As far as spreading the word, you're exactly right -- as soon as we're ready to greenlight the marketing.

When we do, we'll begin contacting the artists and labels already involved in sponsorships, then independents not versed in sponsorship will feel more comfortable participating.

I have learned from this "marketing research" here and other feedback I've received just how steep that learning curve is, so I will be adding a whole Music Sponsorship section so you all can see just how huge the elephant already is for the music business, in addition to the resources I've placed in the Artist Guide.

Thanks again, ULI, for taking the time and for your thoughtful input.  Much appreciated!

Nuff said… couple more, then off to the music!

The anticipation…ohhhhh!
#28May 20th, 2012 · 04:22 PM
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United States of America

Can't wait to get to more music, so that's all I'm saying!  I'll check yours out!
#29May 20th, 2012 · 04:38 PM
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Ah TritonKeyboarder -- Thanks.  Enjoy your music so much! 

No rush...if the artists I've invited [including you] want to jump in, the offer still stands -- love the music! 

As I told kings, my original purpose here was marketing research with those two questions, but when I heard the music...well...I'm so excited to be able to cue up a playlist, lie back and listen and listen and listen!

If you all want to wait until you see more on this sponsorship "forest,"  or start seeing my sponsorships unfolding, or see other artists coming on bringing their sponsors, I get that. 

All in good time.  The Little Red Hen is slow-baking the bread until it's just right!  There's no hurry.

It's actually becoming exciting to see which one of you will come on first! This is fun!

And...you were the first to respond and the first to offer to help...means a lot!

Can you help?  Umm -- make more tasty music and continue to be the leader...
#30May 20th, 2012 · 05:12 PM
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Puerto Rico
Tx Cdet...I wouldn't worry much about listening to my music...I just wanted to give you kudos for the time you obviously spent listening and reviewing on this site....There is some great stuff in here...Anyways good luck with your music site vision,sounds potentially great!!!!
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