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Hello friends~

This is a concept track for the epilogue of a fantasy/sci-fi book.  It's in three fairly distinct parts, one for each of the three storylines that is wrapped up by the book.  From the outside it might make the track look a little too busy.  That is probably valid criticism, but it was definitely part of the idea from the outset.

Wait For Me, Beacon (0:00-0:45)
The beginning (and refrains) are from the point of view of Odessis.  She's crashed a starship but she's on the path to getting what she wanted.  A sort of classic "the end is really the beginning" thing with a pinch of neurotic determination.

They Owe You Their Lives (0:45-2:01)
The second part is Djet and Cohmindra standing in an open field, looking out over a sprawling refugee camp.

I'll Follow You (2:18-3:22)
The third part is Diokris.  She's stranded in a mind-bending place but she (finally?) knows which way is forward.  Being alone is better than dead.

The graphic is from some commonly used imagery in the 2016 anime film adaptation of the book Your Name.

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