#1May 13th, 2012 · 04:00 PM
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Addicted To You (New)

This song is not in a battle

New version of 'Addicted To You', original is here:


Original version was solo, we now play the song in my band and here's our recording of it. It's still in the mixing kind of stage so if you can think of any improvements to the mix then let us know!

Thanks for listening, I always really appreciate the reviews I get on here!

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#2May 13th, 2012 · 05:11 PM
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Sounds pretty good Peter
I would say that it's a good foundation to build on.
Next you need to fine tune the song.
Work on dynamics, it's a bit samy now.
Would like to hear more lead guitar in the vocal spaces.
The rhythm guitar tone is a little OTT on the compression, backing it off will give it more feel.
Do any of the othe band members sing, could add some harmony or even unison group vocals in some parts.
Your vox sound great
#3May 14th, 2012 · 03:19 PM
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Thanks Denis!

Have posted a new version, with fixed vocal levels and drum fills!


None of the other members really sing at the moment, one of them is working on it and getting some lessons . That's something we're really missing both live and in recordings at the moment. Having some nice harmonies will really take us to the next level I think!
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