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BeatHouse wrote…
Would love to hear you guys with a better production!!!

Glad you enjoyed it! Actually just this week we finally got her into the recording studio to record a much better version. She still lacks confidence in her singing (she gets nervous as soon as she's recording) but she's slowly coming around to the fact that she can be amazing.

BeatHouse wrote…
That voice could grow great!!!!

I'm tortured a bit by the drum tracks to be honest, the production I mean not the drummer. But the singing gets sunder my skin from time to time and that's a fab place to start.

We love her voice, and that effect becomes much more pronounced when she relaxes and really gets into it! We did record the drums (and, in fact, everything) at a higher quality AND all separately (finally) so expect a better mix to come out soon! Thanks for the kind words, from all of us, but especially our singer
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