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#16September 5th, 2011 · 11:14 AM
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Ok, itīs been said everything about electronical effects on vox.
I like this concept, I like ya natural vox and harmonies, I like the arrangement and I like the electronic drum kit.    Also if I might be the only one.
And I like to hearing the remix here.
Exeptional talent..............

#17September 5th, 2011 · 12:27 PM
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brianvaughn wrote…
I was mostly just trying to figure out which part of the vocals people were taking issue with so I'd know what to change.

Sorry if I've ..... tormented you or something but I'm starting to think my problems in the past had been due to the melody. Because the melody on this one isn't too 'poppy' (to my ears) and I'm fine with it. Moreover, when you sing that type of melody you tend to have the need to produce a certain tone to get it. That's absent here.

I didn't mind the vocal effects because it's obviously just like using guitar pedals and doesn't sound like autotune at all.

Very professional production as always. The music is over just ok for me (I came from listening to some of the AMP's hits by swordfish and JBP and others though) but I guess the little mystery is solved

Please keep it up and experiment with new sounds!

Oh ya and I wouldn't call that electronic music. It might be some time ago but nowadays with what's around.... it's just kinda similar to pop.

Electronic music (with vocals) would be something like this (to me)

Edit : oh my bad it IS electronic. Just because it's pop doesn't mean it isn't electronic..... I feel so stupid.
#18September 5th, 2011 · 02:24 PM
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brianvaughn wrote…
Alright folks. In my excitement to try a new genre it seems I may have over-done it, so I've started a remix that (hopefully?) addresses some of the more frequently brought-up criticisms of this mix. Things I've changed:
  • Removed vocoded vocal harmonies (though there weren't many before, they're all gone now)
  • Removed vocal "glitch"/stutter Effectrix effects (and added a little reverb, on a whim- though maybe that was overkill?)
  • Re-wrote drum part and replaced electronic drum sounds with Steven Slate samples for a more acoustic feel
  • Muted synths (at least for now) and weird sci-fi ambient sounds

Here's the first ~2:00 or so. Though you've already been very helpful, I'm hoping I can ask a little more of you and maybe get some feedback regarding whether this is generally viewed as an improvement or a worsening of the mix.


Edit: I double-tracked all of my vocals (melody and harmony) for this song, panned hard Left and Right. Sometimes I sang slight variations of the part for the second tracking. This was intentional (as I think it provides a kind of neat effect) and will hopefully not be confused with auto-tuning.

Without question the remix is better,  can hear the real you, more emotion, better vibe, and prefer the acoustic drums. This just my opinion -  it will be interesting to get as many votes as possible so you can decide which mix to publish.

The big question Brian is Which version do YOU prefer - It's your song, you should decide which one you prefer.
#19September 5th, 2011 · 05:23 PM
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as experiment very interesting and learnfull!
drums bother me too much to like the song, sorry :p
knowing your other work;
if i would not have been expecting the electronic beat, i would have been disappointed, 
the vocal thingies dont add anything for me but a modernity, a gimmick.
could be an age thing :P
 just because i never got 'touched' by the song, i dont mean its bad
great experiment

PS.i would have expected some variety (in order to your other work) in your arrangements here...? or will an album of you sound completely like this?
dont want to condemn anything! it might be interesting!
just wondering and wanting you to wonder too ;p
#20September 5th, 2011 · 07:12 PM
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Thanks ULI, Jie, Denis, and Max. I appreciate the way the BandAmp crowd does its thing. Unlike a forum like Reddit, people are really respectful here and always try to frame suggestions in a constructive way. I'm really enjoying it here so far.

@Jie - That's helpful to hear. Glad it was more of a melody thing than just my voice. And you're right, this isn't purely electronic music. I suppose I was striving to make a sound more like that of The Faint (or other similar artist I enjoy).

@Denis - Thanks for the follow-up mate. I'll finish the remix out because I'm enjoying it, but I think I still prefer the electronic. Maybe just because it's nice to prove to myself that I'm not just stuck in a genre, I can switch if/when I want.

@Max- My albums sound eclectic, I think. There's usually an acoustic song or three, which is how I started.. and then a lot of rock, some of it what I would consider "radio friendly" and some of it not. I suspect that this sort of song (the electronic mix at least) would belong near the end, as kind of a.. bonus track. If I had gotten overwhelmingly positive response from it maybe I'd try to do a whole CD of that style, but so far the response has been a bit lukewarm so I think it'll stay the exception. I think I might try a folky, acoustic song next. Who knows.
#21September 6th, 2011 · 09:54 AM
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nice music
brian waddup imma  hip hop artist and i really like your music it was a good attempt im new to this so i dont know how to add people as friends or anything but i would like to communicate with you and discuss possibly doing some music together
#22September 6th, 2011 · 09:57 AM
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@IamPiff - Thanks mate. You should be able to send me a private message here: http://brianvaughn.bandamp.com/Compose/brianvaughn.html
#23September 9th, 2011 · 08:01 PM
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This is Sick. I haven't listened to your re-do, but I am really digging on this version.

Love the stutter effect on vocals. Drums are working in your favor as well. The only thing I want this song to have is a nice fat bass that gives the song a floor to dance on if you know what I mean.

This ones definitely going to get a few more listens by me before the day is out. Voted.
#24September 10th, 2011 · 11:19 AM
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Loving it!
The vocoder works for me (it's an effect, it's not over-used imo), as do the drums in this case.
I listened to your remixed version - yes, that's good too but I understand why you prefer this one.
Great construction
Superbly played and sung
(not electronica really though!)
#25September 10th, 2011 · 03:35 PM
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hmmmm tough choice - although I'm typically not a big fan of the "Electrix" or "Autotune"-type sounds...I am struggling to tell which one I like best. The first version has some extra dimension that makes for an interesting overall sound. The second version is nice and clean... highlights your vocal talents...and I find myself listening more intently to the voice, the intricacies of the guitar, etc. I suspect (not being any authority on the subject mind you) that the first version would be perceived as more suitable for airplay...the second version would probably be liked more by older Bandamp members    But in my view, both represent excellent work!
#26September 12th, 2011 · 10:16 AM
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Thanks again Tek and Jimi.

Tek you bring up a good point. I should try swapping out (or augmenting) my bass with a synth bass to see how that feels.

Thanks to you also Battlecat! You're probably, it's probably mostly a question of who's in the audience in terms of which mix is "better" Thanks mate
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