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#16March 30th, 2009 · 07:15 PM
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re: re: Night INTRO
swordfish wrote…
Fantastic Soundscape........... WELL DONE!!!!!

the only thing i can suggest to get the heart beat out into a live audience better
is to make it much louder (and eq it) than u would normally accept in the phones/mix
and then experiment (spend time trying out) with the sound system u use for your performance....... so that the sound works............and chills the audience!!!

or run the heartbeat sound alongside(and loud) thru a seperate track ...... for effect?

The heART BEAT SOUND IS NATURALLY LOW IN EQ.......... thats the problem.......when it has to compete in the same sound track as other sounds it will be pushed aside by higher frquencies.........


ahhh ok! Ill try boosting the gain of it in Audacity and then eq-ing it like you said. thanks man. that was very helpful.
thanks for the listen!
#17April 1st, 2009 · 01:45 AM
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It actually sounds pretty good as it is now... may be add the german soldiers voices and that's it.
Listening to it I came with and idea from a couple of sounds I heard: at 0:42 you can hear 2 sounds that perfectly could fit as a kick drum and a snare under an overdrive effect (sounds a bit like We Will Rock You). What you could do is take those sounds, make a sequence and repeat them as a percussion base for the song (if you still don't have any idea already). If you get what I mean you could try it; if you don't,  .
But anyway I think it sounds pretty good for the intro. Good job.

         > Iszil
#18April 1st, 2009 · 03:01 AM
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United States of America
It's pretty good. imho you could do quite a bit more with it.  I would ditch the vocal thing you have going now.
put in an actual clip off of one of Hitler's speeches.  then lengthen it and put in parts (the most well known lines) of maybe Patton, or Churchill. 

I like the radio effect but the freq's are too high , for me anyways,  in spots it sounds like someone dialing in a radio but when it goes up higher it loses the effect .

 overall great job.  keep on it and experiment with different stuff. 

 very cool idea.

 maybe some tanks sounds and plane sounds ?
#19April 1st, 2009 · 12:07 PM
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thanks for listening guys.
heres so far what ive done. Ive left everything the same, (i might take out jack nicholsons voice) but I added some underlying train sounds, a very faint baby crying, some morse code, (this is all near the end) and footsteps. I think I might take out the voice and pput in one of hitlers speeches...thats a great idea goat, thanks a lot!

Iszil: oh yeah I hear what your saying. that does sound pretty cool. im not sure if itll work with the rest of the song but I can try it out and see.
after this huge onslaught of effects, I have some brightly sarcastic guitar come in. the song "calms down" you could say, and then near the end Ill have some even MORE menacing effects and stuff.
thats pretty much the idea. also when the guitar comes in this intro fades into the guitar, and...its really hard to explain ill just upload lol.
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