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#16May 13th, 2012 · 05:09 PM
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oh the guitar -- more, more, more...I so want the guitar to rip through my computer screen on this one!  Your "t-t-t" at :50ish -- yikes, such a nice touch!  This one is delicious...just delish...have no idea what you're saying, but it's getting through, doesn't really matter ... playlist here we come!  Right now, this joins only one other song...
#17May 18th, 2012 · 05:02 PM
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somehow i missed a lot of your uploads, shame on me,
i'll start with this beauty, love the mix although the thin guitar sound gets slightly annoying, its still very well performed!
great voice, very relaxing not to understand lyrics
the blend of spheres strikes me most!
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