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#16July 17th, 2008 · 12:03 AM
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lol dont be so open minded that your brain falls out.

that being said, i really like it.  I feel that the sound clips used were very artful ... perhaps theres something to be said in that he took the words directly from his own recording, spontanious, rather than sifting through what everyone thinks is the "best" clips.  kudos.

although at the very top, the website does say "BandAmp: for musicians by musicians."  If you put something here, its kinda assumed to be a song.

anyways nice work
#17July 17th, 2008 · 04:18 PM
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This is a freakin work of a genious.  Taking sound samples and mixing in some of the Prez'x words. Who would of ever thought of doing something like this. It so new and out there , it has opened my mind to a new dimension.
I am now on a enlightened plane of existence. It has completely changed my life, I will now no longer eat the any living being that is raised for food. I will go out and spend my time fighting the warmongers. 

  There is genius in the minimalistic approach to conveying a feeling, evoking emotion and the process of enlightened thought development.

 like stated before.  this is "OK"  but before you expect great praise in evoking thought and feeling from something like this you should check out some of the great artist that have posted some great  stuff up here.

Porcelain Doll
Marino (doing a concept project on autism now)
there is a lot more .

Spend some time here, listen to some of the stuff that is up here.  some of it is truly opened minded , not only the message that is conveyed but the writing style and techniques used.

imho this is really not all that "out there"..  it's ok  I mean it not bad but you could have done lots more to evoke feelings and thought.  I do like the fact that you recorded all the Bush stuff yourself.  You have talent but being minimalistic in writing approach puts out just that kind of thought..

Welcome to the amp and stick around , keep posting, you'll find your not the only opened minded person here, and you might learn something. I have been blessed with friends on here that are more than willing to help me with ideas , or techniques, or just  someone to bounce ideas off of.

Don't take the criticism to harshly. you have to understand this is not a website of "Hacks and Cookie Cutter musicians" (although I myself am a cookie cutter writer by choice).

#18July 17th, 2008 · 04:50 PM
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Well I appreciate your words of advice.
I assumed that responding back to people's posts would be normal, but apparently people took my responding as some sort of "refusal" to accept people's commentary.
I was more thrown off by people's intense reactions/misunderstandings and sarcasm about how "genius/amazing/incredible" etc, this track is, as though that's all I would listen to.
That is very frustrating. It seems as though everyone feels like they HAVE to criticize just because "this is BandAmp", so deal with it.

I wan't "expecting great praise" just because I was annoyed by some people's immature and sarcastic comments.
I don't get why people seem to think that I believe I'm totally awesome and seeking infinite praise. That is ridiculous.
I am not 10 years old.
If there are indeed a lot of open-minded people here, they sure haven't been the first ones I've come across.
#19July 17th, 2008 · 06:59 PM
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"Open you're mind"
Sorry you got me there! What mind ?  

I came back to listen to this again, with headphones, as you so clearly recommend.

I was truly pleasantly surprised to read your post that "this is not a song" as that is the very same conclusion I had literally just come to listening though the headphones.
It could be put under 'musical art' or something, because the musical track is quite pleasant but to be totally honest with you I'm not going to listen to it again, because I hate hearing that fucking apes voice. full stop!

I got my headphones on now, I might as well listen to rest of your stuff.....I'm efficient me!
No mind though.....damn shame !!!
#20July 17th, 2008 · 07:52 PM
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Haha, I hear you, man.
Thanks for your input.
#21July 18th, 2008 · 09:11 PM
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'It's more the fact that I really, really don't care what other musicians do, and I wish people would see music more of a transmission of emotion, rather than something to be "super cool" or to "fit in" with what's out there.'
mmm OK
Well with respect
 a quick check of review stats would confirm that ,
the  bulk of TRnSFxd comments actually relate to TRnSFxd posts.I know you've been clarifying your position ,dealing with the Philistines examining your work but does this constitute hyping yourself?

Of course this is Totally acceptable in this musical perfect cornflake industry.
Like getting a friend request my space, with  check ME
 out or in the words of Daffy "Look at me Look at me"
Hey silly me thought this was a 2 way street.
 Any way
Commended you are for generating interest in your music , and its great to have a passionate social conscience.
 I really like what you are doing.Tried headphones appreciate suggestion.
And as far a Bush is concerned well lets just hope there ain't no more of those black flag ops .
Last week Australians found out the the U.S Govt heavily pressured Australia( under threat of dumping us as an ally) to allow the testing of NERVE GAS on 200 Ozzy troops in NTH QLD back in the Vietnam Conflict.
They were gonna stick them out in a valley and bomB them with this stuff.
Actually  never the the less
 the  Australia's PM Holt vetoed it
He disappeared mysteriously in the surf soon after , never to be found.
Top secret then ,good old LBJ.
With friend like that who need enemies
At that time I was up for National Service ,expected destination Vietnam,
Couldn't vote till you were 21 but could be sent to war at 18.
We were chased by police special branch , branded as COMMIES ,friends were bashed ,arrested,but the day I saw that Nth Vietnamese tank bust through the gates in Saigon it suddenly dawned on me.
This little 3rd world country has just kicked the United States out,emphatically.
Now tourist go back there , how ever the threat of agent orange, UXBs, landmines never far from the Vietnamese thoughts & the companies and individuals who benefited from this death trade ......nowhere to be seen.
Now we got depleted Uranium .
The point of this little rave is to illustrate you are not alone mate .
Some of us have been through a lot in this business , personally I've played thousands of live shows , all around the world.I've put it on the line mate , I'm a pro musician.

welcome to bandamp

#22July 19th, 2008 · 03:47 AM
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Ha, well I certainly didn't intend it to hype myself, it took me a while to realize most other people don't comment back on their own songs. I thought it would be the natural thing to do, but....oh well.
That's some pretty wild info you got there, man...
I don't know what to say about all that, but I'm glad you came by and commented nevertheless.
I look forward to hearing your stuff. Good luck.
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