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#1March 28th, 2008 · 05:07 PM
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pedal to the metal

This song is not in a battle

Hey guys,
lame name, i know.  i have trouble naming my songs, probably because they dont have any words, lol.

Anyway, this is a bit of a change from my usual style. Its actually my first "metal" song i've posted on bandamp.
Let me know what you think, and feel free to criticise. (btw, i know some parts sound a bit like tool... I wasn't trying to copy them, but i probably draw more inspiration from tool than any other metal band).

oh, its a bit loud btw. should've dropped it a few dB before posting



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#2March 28th, 2008 · 06:44 PM
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Ha..a far cry from Midnight Garden and your other songs...I like this actually...and Im not into metal...yeah  a tad on the loud side..but WTH its Metal...nothing that cant be fixed...pretty good Guitar there Ian...I have to say that I'm a bit surprised.. I like it when artist go to different boundries with thier work...Nice work


#3March 28th, 2008 · 06:44 PM
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i like it when the harmonising of the guitar starts after 0:25-ish.  That's a great drum sound you've got!  I'm surprised.  I'm a piece of crap when it comes to drums (which explains why i never put any of my songs to a drum track :P ).

I think it's possible for the chunking guitar parts (not exactly a rhythm guitar, but we can call it that) to be a little fuller, but it's all in the recording really.. it's hard to fatten up sounds  like that simply with an EQ and some effects.  Maybe the it's the distortion?  I don't want to say that it's too thick, b/c i don't think it is.  It does sound a little alone for some reason, even though you've got drums and a lead to go with it.  Maybe a bass would sound more full?  Maybe it's just that one element that would give it an extra umph.

I like the lead a lot.  I'm very uneducated when it comes to metal, but I know that I like most metal riffs... reminds me of the olden days, with Super Nintendo and the MegaMan X series    I've heard metal versions of the MMX songs before (which isn't much of a stretch at times, since the leads on those songs are naturally influenced by metal) and I just love it.  I think my favorite aspect of metal leads is probably the resolved dissonance as a harmony comes in.  And then you can just take it in while the lead goes and does some neat pattern

the part just at 1:03 feels just like an old computer game, Descent (amazing pilot-style first-person shooter of sorts).  Your song completely throws me back into very fun memories.  Makes me love it that much more

1:32 is great... i love it.  it is the very definition of my comment about a lead that goes and does something that you can just sit back and feel some form of release as it breaks into something higher than the rest of the song.  if you were to ever make a full song out of it with lyrics, think that part would make a great chorus, or maybe bridge (don't want to repeat it too often, else it'd lose its magic )

The ending is cool too.  at my first listen, i thought it was a little empty, but after a few more listens, I've decided that I like it!

Final answer:  Great job!  I know that we say that as reviewers a lot, but I try to say it only when I mean it!

#4March 28th, 2008 · 07:18 PM
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Like the way the song builds up, just right if ya know what I mean.

Yeah, the drums are nice, Bass would marry them well.

How about some vox, that would be cool.

I could see a Marino Collab going on??


#5March 28th, 2008 · 07:58 PM
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Thankyou all for the great feedback.

Tim, I know exactly what you mean about the rhythm guitar not sounding very full. I think you have to get it right before you record it, but i just can't seem to find that "fat" sound.  I'd love to get some tips off Marino for that...

I agree, the track definatly needs a bass, which i will definetly add someday, but alas, my bass guitar is 40 miles away at my parents house... sigh.

im no vocalist or lyricist im afraid. I wouldn't mind doing a collab with someone though??? obviously the song structure would have to change to accomodate verses and choruses but thats no biggie.
#6March 28th, 2008 · 08:40 PM
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nice style, nice playing! had my Tool periods too.
dont know what misses in the gtr sound too, maybe just a tad too digital?
would be nice to hear when you add that bass and vox, will be a great song i think, like u said, some structure etc.
#7March 28th, 2008 · 10:09 PM
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Dude this is great!!!!!!
Love the way you put this together......Solo rocks and all the different colors in your layer build are awesome....
Lets see about the guitar tone...Hmmm well it all depends how your going into the PC....I've been messing around with PC guitar recording for a while trying to avoid micing my rig..Its unpractical and time consuming for me at this point.So I go from my RP200 Digi pedal to the mixboard....I use two outs from my pedal one stereo to the line in and the 1/4 inch to an empty channel with 0 in the Bass and treb and 50% on the mids and slightly increased in level and panned to left 15% ( this adjustment. is a matter of taste.)Anyways I record that into a couple of tracks.Then I add a second guitar either with a new arrangement and or mimicking the first using the same concept but with the 1/4 inch panned now to the right about 45%..this can all change according to other things going on but that is where I'm at in this moment...This is a consistently evolving process for me though so I'm nowhere close to where I want to be but Ill keep working on it!!!

By the way fkn awesome drumming!!!!
#8March 29th, 2008 · 10:51 AM
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wow, that sounds awefully complicated. Thanks for the tips, I've only got one output on my guitar pedal though and no mixer. maybe i could play parts twice to get a bigger sound. I'll just have to keep experimenting for the right tone.

Thanks for the comments everyone
#9March 29th, 2008 · 11:29 AM
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old fashioned way of using guitar riffs but i really like it! keep on keepin' on!
#10March 29th, 2008 · 01:17 PM
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SirBorris wrote…
wow, that sounds awfully complicated. Thanks for the tips, I've only got one output on my guitar pedal though and no mixer. maybe i could play parts twice to get a bigger sound.

the trouble i've always encountered with doing something twice, once over top of the other, is that it's so amazingly easy to make it sound like crap... the smallest of timing differences can seriously destroy the listening experience.... what marino (sorry, marino, i constantly typo your name as "marion".. ) does is effectively what I do for my own acoustic guitar and voice recordings.  Having either a second mic (or a second output going out of your pedal / effect box / whatever) and panning the secondary one a little to one side does some surprising things, actually!  playing with the EQ on the secondary output is probably what makes the biggest difference.

In short, i think the key is in having the two outputs separated but a bit of panning, and then having them sound slightly different from each other by EQ'ing.  That being said, you've also mentioned that you just go straight from your pedal to the computer.  That'll make it harder to EQ a secondary output since there's no mixer.  That'll probably be a nice ingredient for future musical concoctions.  You don't have to go the expensive route, but be careful not to get one that gives off really bad buzzing (which just gets worse when you give the signal gain via the mixer, or play with the EQ... trust me.. it gets ugly )
#11March 29th, 2008 · 01:48 PM
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Hey Tim, thats some very good advice. Thanks. I need to get myself a mixer then, but it won't be soon because im poor. Do you know any descent ones for cheap?
#12March 29th, 2008 · 03:04 PM
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Nice bit of 'Heavy' , I really like your drums too, both tracks go together well, like Denis advices a bass would do it well.
I dont know about Tool but I definitely hear a slight Marino influence!  
#13March 29th, 2008 · 03:56 PM
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lol, of course Marino is an influence. well, if not an influence, then certainly an inspiration.

Thanks Kings
#14March 29th, 2008 · 05:48 PM
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mmm, well, i guess the mixer that you'll want will depend on what you plan to do with it... i was playing in a band of 5 people when I bought mine, so it's got lots of inputs speckling the back of it.  If you're mainly after something for your guitar and maybe a mic plug or two, then you might want to go for something smaller   (smaller can sometimes mean cheaper, too, so maybe that's perfect for you.)  I know what it's like to be poor in the very moments that you want to have the money to do what you envision. 

there's this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Eurorack-UB802-Mixer?sku=631238 ... however, looking at the page, i see that it's backordered until mid May   people like it, i guess!  for a bit more, you could go for this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Xenyx-802?sku=631263  ..... it really depends.  I know it can cost a lot, but if you can make yourself sacrifice some other luxeries in life for a few months, you can comfortably try to buy something like this and it'll pay off in the long run.

Best of luck!
#15March 29th, 2008 · 06:58 PM
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lol, i wish they were that cheap in the uk. They're about twice the price here. unfortunatly i cant spare any money in the next couple of months because im in the middle of moving, and a have a deposit plus rent to pay for two flats.

Thanks for everything TLS
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