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Hallelujah Gov'nah

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I wish I owned a band of choir women and they would repeat everything I said in song verse. I think my life would be more fun, and I would enjoy small talk all the time.

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#2August 24th, 2005 · 01:29 PM
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Have you thought about hiring a drummer? Cause that would make a world of difference - your rhythm is all over the place. And maybe write some lyrics and sing something...? This isn't a song yet, that's all. It's just kind of a ho-hum collection of not-so-interesting and even less rhythmic chords.

Here's the test: try dancing to it. honestly.
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Are you making $$ off your music online? (Topic Moved)
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Sorry everybody...when the Mods move a posting - some kind of glich occurs where this kind of thing happens (our entry somehow gets attached to a random, usually antiquated thread. I have no idea how this happens.....)
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